Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pumpkin LoVe!!!

Sweater Pumpkins!  Aren't they cute?  I have been busy making these for my upcoming craft sale.  It is amazing what you can turn an old thrift store sweater into. 
This one turned out so pretty.  I found one of those old sweaters from the 90s that were long and had the big shoulder pads in it.  $3!!  I still have some pieces of the sweater left to salvage.  It is so hard to photograph black, but you can get an appreciation for the bright colors of the pumpkin.

These are so easy to make.  I found the idea on pinterest (thank you pinterest!).  Here is a link on a tutorial for them.   I did mine slightly different.  At the top, I actually wanted to use the ribbing at the bottom of the sweater for a little ruffle where the stem comes out, so I gathered it just below the bottom ribbing, pulled it slightly closed and started stuffing.  The stem is a piece of the sleeve wrapped in twine and I just put in in the center when I pulled the top tight. 

I cut the leaves out of an old plaid throw blanket I got from the thrift store.  It is made out of that fleece stuff, so it is like cutting felt.  I just cut two leaves out, one green and a large black, layered them and stitched them with black embroidery floss.  I used coated floral wire for the stems of the leaves and the curly vines.  The wire will go right in between the green and black layer of each leaf.  I put a leaf at each end of the wire and wrapped it around the stem of the pumpkin. 

You can then use a pen or pencil and curl the wire around it, both ends, then wrap it around the stem. 

That's it!  You may want to secure the stem and leaves with a little elmer's glue. 

Oh, I also pulled yarn through the bottom to the top, around the pumpkin to make those little separations on the pumpkin (I don't know the technical word for it).  I made mine into six sections.

Someone had to get in on the picture.  LOL.  Look at those little feet! 

Okay, now this is the fun thing!  Using the little scraps.  I fashioned up this little pumpkin and the little owl from pieces of the sleeve.  I really like the bright striped sweaters the best (so far)!  I used pieces of old tee-shirts for the eyes and wings.

:-)  He makes me smile...I can't help it!  I do however have serious scissor thumb from using the pinking shears.  Ouch!  I had to give them up after awhile.  They were too dull for the tee-shirt fabric.  It is cute, but the pain in my right thumb has forced me to go back to regular scissors. 

Aren't they pretty with the crocheted leaves?  This was a pretty sweater, I almost felt guilty for cutting it up, if I hadn't only paid $3 for it I probably would have!

In between all this, I have still been knitting little pumpkins and crocheting leaves.  I changed up the pattern quite a bit.  Now I start with an icord and work down.  I like the look a lot better.  This one I did a little cable stitch.  Ouch, once again, the thumb!  LOL!

It is rainy and cool today, perfect for pumpkin production, so I am off to get back to it!


  1. O...M...G...!! Those are the cutest punkins ever. I wish you were in my area because I would definitely buy more than one. Too cute and what a great idea to reuse old sweaters. Love looking at little Phoebe, too! Such a sweet thing.

  2. Шикарная идея!

  3. Hej! Vilken underbar färgglad och kreativ blogg du har. Blir sugen på att göra en massa pumpor plötsligt, men att virka några fina löv får jag nog skriva upp på min att virkalista. Tittar snart in här igen, Karin

  4. ola
    lindo mesmo lindo. parabéns pelo
    sorrisos de Portugal

  5. Love these! You are so very creative! :)

  6. I love to see what people are doing with recycled materials. The pumpkins are smashing!

  7. Uau! nunca tinha visto algo pareceido, lindo demais! prazer em conhece-la.

  8. love the pumpkins. What a great idea for old sweaters. I agree with Stephanie I would definitely buy more than one. Good luck with your show.

  9. These are amazing!!!! You make me want to go camp out at the thrift store to be there when it opens, what a fantastic idea! love them.
    Well done,

  10. The pictures just don't do them justice. Love these!

  11. What a great idea! Again, you have made beautiful things out of nothing and inspired me to do the same.

  12. Those who want to find me at pinterest, my name is "dawnjsparks".

  13. You are a truly artist at recycling!! Love those big pumpkins and owl!

  14. **O*M*G**
    I really really need to make me some of these fantastic....yours are amazing what a brilliant idea for using old sweaters.

  15. What wonderful pumpkins ...they are beautiful. Great idea for sold sweaters.

  16. Those are lovely!!! I love them!!