Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Missing My Crochet Hook!

Sebrina's Blanket
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I wonder if I am like other crocheters and knitters, in that I must complete one thing before moving on to another. Occassionally I will have to put one project down for another, but it is not the norm. Right now I am stuck on a knit wrap I have been working on for what seems like months, but I am certain it has just been a few weeks. It is close to being done, but I just cannot quite get it there!

So right now I am dreaming about crochet! Missing my crochet hook, and itching to get back on my Babette Blanket!!! And as I look on flickr and see all that gorgeous crochet going on it makes it even more painful! So, since this is a long weekend I have a goal...finish up my Diva Wrap so I can move on!

I am posting a picture of some of my Babette squares to keep myself inspired to finish up with the wrap. Just look at those crocheted squares staring at me calling my name!

So, another story. As some of you may know, my back has not been good now for almost a year. Steroids, physical therapy, drugs, neurologists, epidural injections...on and on...have left me frustrated. So I am giving something new a try at the urging of some friends. Acupuncture. I had my first session last week, and was very pleasantly surprised at how well I felt the days following. I am going back tomorrow, and so glad, the pain is creeping back in and I am feeling tired and moving slow! I have no time for dealing with this! Wish me luck. I have heard nothing but good things about it. I realize it will take more that one session to get there, so I am trying to be patient with the whole process.


Zu said...

What beautiful colors! I've been thinking of making a babette blanket, but have my hexagon one I need to finish first. :-(

I say do both! It's nice to have more than one project going at a time. Makes things interesting. ;-)

Good luck with acupuncture. I have chronic back pain due to sciatica, and other than pain killers, acupuncture was the only therapy that made even the slightest difference.
I think you're definitely heading in the right direction. :-)

Just be happy! said...

Oh Dawn, I really love your babette. I reaaaally want to make one some time.
I hope youe back feels better soon!

Lauri said...

Good luck with the acupuncture! I'm glad your back pain is going... and for good I hope!

Keep crocheting all that beatiful things you make! :)