Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The First of September!

Yes, I got a new knitting bag!! And yes, it is by Namaste and it is Kick Ass! Now, how's that for an endorsement! I had first noticed this bag on Facebook and from the moment I saw it I was coveting the pinkness, the leather, the compartments...everything about it! So Saturday I popped into my local yarn shop, Common Threads, to pick up a couple more skeins of yarn for my Stitch Diva Cardi...and...there it was! I was blinded by its beauty. Before I knew it I was holding it in my hands as if it were a priceless work of art...brilliant beams of light eminated from it, LOL! Okay...so I am sure you can figure out the rest of the story.

The "Yarn Lady" came over to me as I was holding the bag and trying to control the drooling and panting. "It's 20% off for the month of August" she said. How could this be? It was a sign, that little voice inside my head started chanting, "Get it, Get it." So since it was Saturday and the shop was closed on Monday, and today is the first of September, if I didn't leap now it wasn't going to happen. So I did it. And boy, I can honestly say I had no guilt at all!

Isn't it pretty? LOL

So here is a picture of the ribbing I am working on for the Stitch Diva Endless Knit Cardi. This is the reason my laudry is piled up, the house needs vacuumed and dusted, dishes in the sink! I am hooked on this! I took this picture Saturday and have done a good deal more since then. I am anxious to get this done so I can start wearing it.

I am noticing the mornings and evenings are cooler, the days are getting shorter, and there is just that feeling of fall in the air. I am sure we will warm up again, but for now I am loving the cooler weather!

Ta-Ta for now, I am off to ignore the housework and pick up my knitting...hey, the housework will be there later, right?


Just be happy! said...

love the bag, it is fabulous, I love everything about it as well!
can't wait to see your cardi.
things are pilled up waiting for me around here too.... heheheh, oh well...

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Seems there's a lot of neglect going on around lots of homes these days! Mine is a pit too, but the crochet hooks and knitting needles are not among the neglected!

Your pink bag is gorgeous and your ribbing is absolutely fabulous! Can't wait to see a picture of you wearing the final product...and holding your new bag too!


Lauri said...

the bag is absolutely divine! I can't wait to see the cardi finished!


Crochet Goddess said...

Great bag, I can understand why you love it so much. I hope you will post a picture of the cardi.

Kar said...

The bag is gorgeous! And the color... FAB!!! You lucky girl! And it being on sale makes it even better! You could not have passed that up.

Can't wait to see your cardi finished. I peeked at the site for the pattern. It's going to look wonderful!

I'm patiently waiting for the cooler weather next week around these parts. I just wish fall would just kick in and take over!

Keep on creating!!

Ruth said...

That is one awesome bag.

I wanted to come right over and thank you for the marvelous package you sent me. It is so wonderful. You were very generous and kind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW~I am a total crochet freak and I am learning some knitting, too.

Thank so much!!!!!!


tamdoll said...

Love, love that bag! I've been thinking about getting a knitting bag myself lately and that one is so tempting!