Saturday, January 16, 2010

Spike Stitch Progress

Progress has been slow this week, but today I have managed to get the back of the pillow crocheted!! I'm now on a mission to get this little bugger put together!
So plans for this evening are homemade lasagna, a blue ray, comfy clothes and my crochet hook!



Kar said...

Love your evening plans! That spike stitch is really nice. Can't wait to see the project all finished. :)


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Love the looks of that stitch! I think it would make a great afghan! Your agenda for the rest of the day sounds perfectly delightful!


Just be happy! said...

I love your evening plans as well!
I am watching the shows that are recorded in my DVR, they've been waiting for me for a long tim e!
Hubby had a surgery in his eyes today, so he's asleep. Lucas is asleep as well.
It's my crochet time - yay! (I'm making an amiguri giraffe)
Have fun, Dawn.

devonaz said...

Looking good, cant wait to see it all together..

Kristine said...

You do not know how your blog has inspired me! I have 3 projects (including a Babette Blanket) working right now and 10 rambling in my head....

I am loving the colors coming together in the Babette......thank you so much for getting this self taught, have yet to have a perfect project, newly addicted to Granny's off her 'I wish' and onto a new obsession!