Friday, February 5, 2010

Yea! All Done!

Got em done, and they are ready to go to the yoga girl who asked if I would make these for her! I am so pleased with how these turned out...and it has fueled the fire for me to attempt a pair of socks for myself (with heels and toes)!

I'm off to start on my next project...what ever that may be! LOL! ;0)


Kar said...

They turned out great Dawn! No I'm inspired to make some for myself to wear when I do my yoga here at home.

Just a little bit of a warning... the sock bug is VERY addicting!


The Garden Bell said...

These are so fun. Love the yarn too. Did you come up with the pattern all by yourself... great job.... Sillie me, but this is knitting right... Need to go get my glasses...

Have a great weekend.
Kate - The Garden Bell

devonaz said...

Great job,,those look wonderful,,and I have no doubt that you would knock out a pair of socks for you,,,,I am sure yoga girl will love them..

Just be happy! said...

Dawn, these look great!