Sunday, February 6, 2011

Look at my pom-poms!

I haven't officially named her...but for some reason the name "LuLu" comes to mind when I look at this little snow-girl.  That hat!!!  It's an instant smile to look at her.  I made her a little seed stitch neck warmer and attached a ceramic flower button.

Look at this little hat.  I wanted to try a cloche hat.  I will definitely do more!  I added a little crochet flower to it.  And she is so tiny!  I am still perfecting my snowman process and tried a different bottom where I decreased instead of gathering up the ends.  It works quite well!  
And here she is with her Man!  I cabled his scarf.  The little cable scarves are so fun to do.  

I was actually wanting to get a couple more of these done, but have been under the weather.  The doctor gave me this antibiotic (which is heinous!).  The cure has almost been as bad as the infection.  I didn't even look at any yarn for about four days.  My husband tells me, I know you are sick if you do not knit or crochet.  He's so right.  I make time for yarn every day!!

Happily I am feeling a lot better and back to my normal daily indulgence.  I have a couple more snowmen bodies done and ready to be stuff and faces added.  I hope I'm not boring everyone with these little guys!

(If you would like to see more pics of the snow people you can click on the "Snow People" tab above.)

I just noticed that I use a lot of exclamation point when I post!  LOL!! 



Hahnsmum said...

l truly love yr little snowmen..And those scarves hats..SO cute.. And you have me ''in''..l LOVE dogs so thought yr little dog is cute. We have 6 dogs- 3 gundogs & 3 VERY spoilt terriers who live inside with us.. Really like yr blog to & have you in my favorites file.. Keep up the great blogging..Best Wishes.. Pam Clarke..
New England,
NSW, Australia..

devonaz said...

I didnt think they could get any cuter,,but they did,,you have got to sell these in your shop..they are simply adorable..glad to hear you are feeling better..

PattieJ said...

Your snowman are adorable!! I wish I could knit something cute like that! I am just learning to knit, haven't really made anything yet. I agree , you need to put those cute snowman in your shop!

Maria said...

While all your snow-people are sweet, "Lulu" is absolutely adorable.

Loredana said...

Oooooooooooooooooh how cute!!!! Great job!


tea pea said...

They are so sweet. I am the same, I have to be really unwell not to sew!

Elizabeth Cat said...

Your snow peeps are to die for! Absolutely enormously gigantically adorable!

eddunsmore said...

They are just the cutest! Now the professor, what will you come up with next. Can't wait to see!!! Now how could they be boring? Oh and your little dog is so cute.

Lunosa said...

Oh your blog is amazing!!!
I really love your works!!!This snowmen is something special!!!
we are three friends and now we have a blog...if you want you can just have a look...Thanks!!!!