Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Smiles, Scarves & Hats!

Wow...I am just realizing how behind I have been!  I have been productive though.   

I have finished another pom-pom snowman.  Or should I say snow-girl! 

And here is Mr. Helmet Hat.  There is something about this little guy I love.  He makes me smile. 

Now...this little pair of snow people have really made it to my favorites.  I made her a brimmed cap with a flower and a little cape.  Her partner has a top hat.  These were so much fun to make.  They definitely belong together.

I managed to get a little bit of crochet mojo going with another ruffle scarf. 

The red yarn is from my stash, the remainder is from a Big Lots score!  I just love a good yarn score.  $1 a ball.  You can't beat it!  It worked up really pretty.  I did a shorter scarf using a chain 90 instead of the 150. 

I made the ruffle a little thicker too by adding an additional row.

I am off for now.  I have a little snowman on my needles that is calling to me!  Buh-bye!


MrS. :d (eLLeN) said...

So much fun you are having making your loveable snowpeople. They are outstanding in your works & creativity. They also make me smile everytime.

The new scarf is wonderfully fluffy and looks so extremely soft!
FaBuLOUs crocheting & knitting Dawn :')

Sherryknit said...

Your snowman are sooo cute.
I love the scarfs. How many different yarns did you use? So pretty.
Fun Fun work you do.

Anonymous said...

I do not not know how to crochet bit want to learn can you send me the directions on howto mmake the granny square project and the snow people Please. Thank you very much.

michelle said...

can you please send me directions for your snow people or tell me where to get them. they are the cutest ones i have seen out there and i so so badly want to make them for my mom!! thanks so much for your help