Sunday, April 17, 2011

Greetings from the Back Porch!

Yes, Phoebe and I are in back porch Sunday Heaven!  With some country tunes playing in the background, a back drop of just doesn't get any better than this!
You see how she approves of the Octi-blanket.  It is coming right along and gets prettier and prettier, at least I think so.  That is basically what I have been doing, crocheting octagons...I can do them in my sleep!! 
The back porch has my crochet mojo in full swing!  The light and temperature out here is perfect.  I have finally been able to get the layer of pollen off of everything and all the plants back into their places.  This is their home until next fall arrives.  What a great feeling it is to get it all back to the way it should be.  All that's left is to replace the ceiling fan out here...easy enough project!
Here on the back porch the reds and greens are in their element.  And I am high off the ground, so it's like sitting in a tree house.  Pretty cool!

Phoebe and I wish everyone a great Sunday and rest of the week as well.  We will both meet you back here next Sunday...bring your yarn and hooks with you!!!


"Petunia Pill" said...

I'll be a new name in your list of commenters...hi, I'm Annette and I've been quietly loitering for a few weeks now. I now have my own blog identity so I feel better about commenting. I am in we're kinda close to one another. Doesn't look like yesterday's storms knocked you out of your "tree house" that analogy! And I SOOOO relate to the's been bad this year! Phoebe is adorable...the eyes of an angel. Looking forward to following you in blog land. I'm in serious love with your work!

melbatoast68 said...

Hey Honey Bunny! The back porch and your hexagons are looking lovely. Hope to get together soon.

vikki said...

Love the afghans. Your dog seems content and probably is wondering why you are bothering him.

MrS. :d (eLLeN) said...

Dawn...Your hexagons are beautiful on your gorgeous back, high porch! Pheobe looks pretty herself :}