Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hexi-Blanket Progression

What a week!  I don't think time can go by any faster, and especially the weekend.  Seems like you turn around and it's Sunday evening.

I have made some progression on my hexi-blanket.  Actually it is getting close to finished size believe it or not!
Miss Phoebe loves Sundays out on the porch.  I relax just looking at her.  I was taking pictures of the hexi, and she came and posed right in front of me, which is rare.
I have a little pile of finished hexis waiting on me to attach.  I think I will add to them before I do.  All the items on my to do list are finished, so I think it's time to sit back with my hook and crochet some more hexi-grannies.  Before you know it Monday will be here!

Lastly, I must share a little pic of Phoebe...we enjoyed watching the Royal Wedding so much together.  I couldn't help myself!!  Doesn't she look like a little fashion plate!  I have been calling her, "Lady Phoebe of Burguss Court"!


melbatoast68 said...

I always new she was a princess!

Dawnie said...

Love the Hexi blanket....and the dog!

MrS. :d (eLLeN) said...

Such a beautiful blanket. I bet it's getting heavy, huh? LoVe the redish/orange with black ( I am a red/orange lover). Pheobe is such a pretty pooch! You can tell she loves you :')

The Garden Bell said...

What a fun pattern. Have never tried a Hex, but now that I've got the join as you go down pat. Perfect colors, too.

Shae said...

OMG that's funny