Monday, January 16, 2012

Monkey, Booties and Roosters!

Meet Mel's Noro Birthday Monkey!  I crocheted it up special just for her.  I gave it to her today, she loved him!!  He was pretty easy to make.  Basically it is just crocheting up a tube and stuffing it.  Then adding the nose, which is like crocheting the toe of a sock.  Little round ears, and skinny arms and legs.  I put pipe cleaners in the arms and gets so she could pose him.

Isn't he cute?

On facebook I am participating in a pay-it-forward project.  The first five people to post a comment to mine would get a handmade "something" from me, then they must do the same thing.  This is my first pay it forward project.  A pair of baby booties and hat out or Ty-Dye.  I used the Easy Baby Booties pattern I found on Ravelry.  They work up so quick.  I added the little rose to the hat.
I think they will be happy with it.  With a new baby on the way, and all their excitement of their new little baby girl coming, I couldn't resist.  So, one down, four pay it forwards to go!

I am in rooster production again!  Check out this mack daddy rooster!  I like him, he has a little extra bling.
My button box is full of all kinds of trinkets, as you can see.  This guy has a key, and when you flip him over to the other side.....
Can you guess what that is??  It's a garter that was on an old girdle.  It was in my mom's button box.  I can't imagine wearing one.  I remember her wearing them.  LOL!  Boy, times have changed!
My last trip to Hobby Lobby I picked up these H and G hooks.  OMG!!  I love using them.  If you haven't tried them, I would encourage you to.  I doubt I will go back to my old hooks with these in my took kit.
I also saw this free pattern, and couldn't resist.  Isn't it pretty!!  It's on my to do list.  I may have to move it up towards the top of the list.  LOL!

Well, that's about it for now.  I am working on a belt for me...and want to get it finished up, and get some more roosters done for my etsy shop.

I wish everyone a great week...Happy Crocheting!


Stocki said...

Marvelous monkey! I love the expression on his face and his bendy arms. The baby boots are so sweet...I must try that pattern...thanks for the link. :)x

melbatoast68 said...

Love the monkey!

Debbie Hampton said...

You are so talented! Everything, so cool!

Jenn McClure- Caldwell said...

I absolutely love your monkey

And I think the crochet pay-it-forward idea is an awesome one. I would love to try that!

<3 Jenn

Suze said...

Oh how I love the yarn. I have two of those hooks and would not use anything else now. Before those hooks crochet was a ten minute once a month activity due to pain. I can work a lot longer now. They are so hard to buy here in Queensland, Australia.

Charlotte said...

I love your blog! The roosters are my favorite.

Lorena (sonido retro UK) said...


Charissa said...

Do you have a Facebook account? I cannot find you there and I would love to more easily share your work with my crochet fans.