Sunday, September 30, 2012

Monkey Madness!

What does one do when one's little grand niece (10 years old and cute as a bug) messages you on facebook and requests a sock monkey, a blue sock monkey?

You got it!

I bet you knew the answer!  Yes, you sit down a knit up a monkey.  I'm calling him Mookey.

I can't believe how cute he turned out.  I didn't have a pattern, just made him up.  I knit him up on a circular needle.  When I do another, I will probably start at his feet and work up so the legs and body will all be one piece.  

 Either way, he is cute.  I wish I were him!  Laid back, no worries, and irresistible, can you imagine going through life like that???

I can't!  LOL!

I wanted to share some fall decorations with everyone, but the batteries in my camera died right after I got these pictures taken.  

I am still working on my to do list, only it keeps getting longer.  Now I have an afghan to make, and I found this little doll I want to crochet.  It is called the Tilda Doll.  This gal is from the Netherlands and she had the pattern on her blog, she was even kind enough to send me the instructions in English.  I have been following her blog because of her crochet.  I am not sure which I will begin next.  Maybe both??

I am off for now.  Just took a baked spaghetti out of the oven.  New recipe from Taste of Home...hope it turns out!






beijinhos de Portugal

Gramma Rita said...

Mookey is a cutie! Your niece is very fortunate to have such a talented aunt! :)

Christina Toppen said...

You are one talented lady! Would love the pattern if you ever write it out and are willing to share :)

Annie said...

Oh!!! I LOVE HIM!!! I can't believe you just made up the pattern. You're awesome.

Neicee said...

He is adorable! I love Tilda doll also!

Neicee said...
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Mereknits said...

Who could resist a plea from a cute niece? The monkey is adorable, you have just made one 10 year old very happy.
Have a great day,

Melissa said...

Oh you know I love him! Sock Monkey!!

sajuki said...

great !
Greetings from Poland :D

Kala said...

This post inspired by 15 year old daughter to make a monkey of her own. Thank you for sharing your talent and inspiring us!

Love and Light said...

friLam 26
Your blog is cool.