Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hats - Hats - Hats!!

I am love'n the blue!  I have had this yarn so long I can't remember where it came from.  It's a bitch to crochet, but oh boy, for something like this it couldn't have been a better choice.  The brim is some extremely chunky chenille I had just a small amount of. 

So, I am claiming the blue hat as mine.  Isn't it cute with a scarf tied to it!!

Here is a hat I made from some homespun.  We tried this on Brad's mom and it looked really cute on her.  I didn't follow a pattern for this, I normally do not for my hats.  I like just sitting down and letting the creative juices flow. 

Here is a cute little "helmet" hat.  It is so soft and warm.  It looks cute on the wig head...not sure if my head can pull it off though!  LOL!! 

I love the flapper hats.  I wish I looked good in red, but it just isn't me.  Brad's mom tried it on, and it wasn't here either.  But it is so cute, and I am sure there is someone out there it would look good on.

Now, this looked adorable on Brad's mom.  I used an old thrifted sweater.  It looks cute on everyone who had tried it on. 

So now, Sunday evening, I am pooped!!  We have stayed busy all week and weekend.  Seems just sitting on the sofa like a veggie seems perfect.  The weather is warning of more ice in the morning, which is not how I want to start the work week off on. 

I picked up some pretty sock yarn this week in hopes of casting on for a new pair of socks.  And I also have some flannel and a thrifted denim shirt I have already cut up waiting on me to do something with.  Plus plenty of infinity scarves I need to list in my etsy shop.  But for now, I am feeling some nap time coming on!

Everyone stay warm and have a great week!


Mereknits said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous hats. Well don.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I loved them all and they gave me some great ideas to perk up my chemo caps.

Charlotte Huffman said...

Beautiful! I like the flapper hat. I like to make hats but they don't look good on me.

Melissa said...

Love the hats. Get plenty of rest!

Casa Pearl said...

Wow, each hat is cuter than the rest. My fav is the flapper in red and black.