Sunday, June 2, 2013

Back Porch Time

Greetings from the back porch!  I've been busy sprucing up the back porch.  It seems to be a work in progress.  I want to get some more plants or maybe some flowers.  Like the granny square afghan?  Snatched it up at a thrift store.  I was going to take it apart, but now I am happy that I left it as is, because it fits perfectly.

It feels a little bit like I am in a treehouse.  Our porch is up on the second level and we are surrounded by all the trees in the back.  And it is so private.  I have been busy with my red spray paint, as you can tell.  

And Girlie keeps me company while I am out here.  Just look at those eyes!  She is such a good little doggy.  

I found this cool shelf at the thrift store.  $10!!!  Holy cow!  You can hardly buy lunch for ten bucks.  This is just what I have been looking for.  So I cleaned it up and sprayed it down

Isn't it awesome!!   I was so excited when I started painting it.  I new instantly that I would like it.  I have been keeping my eyes out for something like this and the price was right!

So now it is Sunday evening, and I realise that Monday morning is not far away.  I do have a crochet project to share, but I am blocking it right now. 

Funny, when I finish up a project I feel kind of lost. This afternoon I have been rummaging through my yarn trying to figure out what I want to do next.  

I am sure I will find something!


Gramma Rita said...

Your back porch is gorgeous!! Love the thrift store afghan and shelves. Very nice! :)

invisible87 said...

I love your porch!:)

Mamadoggie said...

Oh how lovely! I would LOVE to have such a porch! You are so lucky! And the doggie is so cute :-)

Petunia Pill said...

Such a warm and welcoming porch! Love the red! Great $10 find! Perfect rework! And your faithful companion...she's just so adorable! I have 2 faithful companions too...they are THE BEST! I, too, feel lost when wrapping up a project! Of course, there are always the many unfinished projects I could go back to...but, no, those are for a different day and I search for something new! Have a good week!

susie said...

Just stumbled upon your blog - really love it! Your pictures and projects are really inspiring:)

Hazel said...

Such great bargains. I love your dog. What breed is she?

Maria said...

You've done an amazing job, Dawn! Your back porch looks wonderful :-) Another beautiful photo of your doggie daughter xx lol