Monday, December 30, 2013

A New Year...Time for Plans

I am such an emotional creature.  Even when I was little.  If upset or scared, I could literally get sick.  I remember being in a talent show when I was in Girl Scouts, and we were doing a fashion show of clothes we had sewn.  Oh, I had the grooviest maxi skirt you could have ever seen and the coolest crocheted poncho.  We practiced walking on stage.  That's when it hit, all those people out there watching.  I was puking a short time later!  Arggg!

In my teen years I remember doing the same thing.  Mostly fear from having to stand up in front of people.  A breakup with a boyfriend.  Typical teenage stuff.

And later years, the crisis of a marriage falling apart, sent me in a down spin.  Leaving me sick and puny with a case of shingles that still to this day reminds me where they once were.  What on earth!

And here I am again.  So much going on with responsibilities of taking care of sick mother-in-law, selling her property, worrying about how long her money will last, all while trying to figure out how to keep a husband from being in total denial.  It is draining mentally and physically.   Then on top of it all I keep dreaming of "what I want to do when I grow up".  I am pretty sure I am not doing it.  I want to design crochet and knitting patterns, maybe own a little thrift shop...but it is so scary.   And all this denial has made me totally unorganized and frazzled.  So this year, I am going to try and get my foot in the proverbial door. Yes, at 51, I know in my heart that I need to give it a try.  I may fall on my face, but I am pretty sure if I do I will get back up.

So, like so many, I need to declutter.  I mean seriously declutter.  I have yarn everywhere.  Things I have started.  Things I want to start, and they all seem to have gotten lost in the clutter.

I am hoping my blog can be a source of strength!  Some support, and maybe a place to rant a wee bit! LOL!

Christmas was nice.  It is fun to see family.  I wish there was more time to visit.  But I am sure I am not alone on that one!

I got all my Christmas orders done.  I had to work on the up until Christmas Eve!  Next year I hope this will not be the case!!  I learned a lot this December in judging deadlines and custom orders.

That being said, I wanted to share one of those orders.  A pretty crocheted shawl!

I thought it turned out pretty.  The pattern is the South Bay Shawlette by Lion Brand.   The yarn is Roller Skate Fingering Weight from Knit Picks.

I have started a pair of socks for my mom, but not sure what else is on the horizon.  I am thinking organization needs to come before I tackle anything else!!

Love and Peace,



Britney Baney said...

These colors are gorgeous!!!

spanky51 said...

Dawn-you are so talented. I have several of your patterns and love them. I think you should open a little shop. It would be a huge hit. Sorry you've been having a rough time. Good thoughts and prayers are sent your way.

Beth Brooke said...

Good luck and blessings in the new year! I hope decluttering will make you feel lighter and freer. As we're moving in a few months, Chris and I are decluttering. That part feels great. Seeing boxes sitting everywhere, not so much. :-(

Giane said...

Hang in there! 2014 is going to be a great year!!!

Unknown said...

You're more normal than you think. At least I think you are :) Am really enjoying your blog and all the beautiful snippets of your work and your adorable 4 legged baby. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)

Crochet Goddess said...

I think your blog is great. I enjoyed the post and how honest you are about what's going on in your life. I hope 2014 will be better for you and you get your thrift shop going. I am sorry to hear about your mother in law. Have a great 2014

Liz said...

Hello Dawn
You can do it. Age is not important. I share your frustrations. I aim to declutter too, to be more frugal (already very love a charity shop bargain, most of my clothes are second hand), and to follow my dream of becoming a up a great job to be a full time student and I am 53!! Good luck.

Mereknits said...

Dawn, my friend you rant all you want honey, we are here for you. I have to deal with my two aging parents, my Mom being in a nursing home and my MIL who has just moved to Florida an dis in assisted living, it is not an easy time, so my words of wisdom for you is to be easy with yourself. De-clutter, reassess, design and be easy and loving to you!
Happy New Year,

Amanda Makes said...

Hi. I recently found myself in 'a grip' and felt overwhelmed, as it sounds like you do now, and someone left me a commwnt recommending that I took a look at I did and found it hugely helpful. I'm hoping you will too. Here's to an easier less stressful 2014 for you and for me xxxxx

Karen L. Bates said...

Your sense of color is amazing...what a gift! You are very talented and will go far in whatever you chose to do at this time in your life. Just remember to breathe! :)

Pooch said...

Be nice to yourself. So much is weighing on you that it is too easy to put your needs in last place. I will hold you in prayer.

I made the South Bay shawlette and love that pattern. Yours is very pretty with that dark border.

Wishing you every blessing in the new year.


spacecraft said...

You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to friend! Keep your chin up. We are all here to support you!!

MrS wiLDaBoUtCoLoR said...

Hi Dawn. I wish you the best of luck with a little shop. I hope all your dreams come true in making it. Life gives us bumps that slows us down, but everything happens for a reason. You are the type of person that gets right back up and keeps on going. I wish you everything good and meaningful in life & in the future.
I am still with my mom taking care of her and her needs. It's not easy to be a caregiver, I know well. Rolls reversed in life. So tired by the end of each day and sleepless nights. It's also hard getting her outside help just to give me a break in this small town where I was raised. I do my best from day to day, but some days I just feel I just want to run away.
To top it off, my husband has left our marriage. He asked me for a divorce on New Years Day. It's crazy. I feel so alone and sad, but I have to stay brave & strong for my mom.

Renata said...