Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sebrina's Blanket

Sebrina's Squares
I've been crocheting grannies again for a new project, Sebrina's Blanket. Well, it's more of a throw, crocheted in various colors of wool. I'm starting to get inspired by the yarn.

Five squares done, about 90 more to go!! I love crocheting these squares, it's very calming for me.

I am hoping the finished blanket will have a "Impressionist" look with all the colors in it. Sebrina sent me a picture of the Babette Blanket, which she loves, but also liked the style of my grannies. This I guess could be called my version of the Babette Blanket.

YarnoplentyThis is the Basket-O-Yarn I am using for her blanket...very bright and colorful!

I wanted to show off the clock which I commissioned Cade to paint for me. Cade can be found at I love her work!! This is actually an old time punch clock I bought several years ago in an antique store. The outside of the clock was in such bad shape I had to sand it down and repaint it. I added the bottom ledge and the ball feet. When I discovered Cade on knew I had to send her my clock face to paint.

Luna Clock


I always keep an eye on what Cade is adding to her shop!

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Very Herodotus said...

Cool! Like the clockface and the grannies!