Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Favorite Team Bag

My Favorite Team Bag in Virginia Tech Colors
This was a custom etsy order, it turned out so cute, I wanted to post it. The order was for a big tote bag in Virginia Tech colors that would be very durable and washable. After thinking about the request, I decided that it called for just plain ole' Red Heart. I think it works best for these projects because it holds the shape so well and is quite durable. I also felt the "traditional" granny square works best for this project. But when using the traditional squares, the bag had to be lined!
My Favorite Team Bag in Virginia Tech Colors
I single crocheted the linking in the contrasting orange yarn, and crocheted it tightly, which made it very strong and durable. Worked like a charm.
Of course, I had to add the dangle to it, just for giggles!
Dangle with Tassel
I love adding these tasseled dangle. It's the Pi├Ęce de Resistance!


Emily said...

And I am the lucky recipient of this bags who despite lacking the talent to make it myself, gets to receive all of the great comments when I wear it around town and on game days! Thanks again! -Emily

Anonymous said...

I think this was the bag that inspired me to start making crochet linings. Thanks for the idea!