Thursday, August 21, 2008

Paisley Inspiration

I recently ran across this while surfing the internet...and totally inspired by them!

How awesome would a scarf be made of several of these brightly colored paisley morifs! This was done by a lady I found on flickr, her name is Patti Haskins, I love the colors she chose and her crochet looks perfect! Well, after running across this I started looking for more of these motifs, and a google search didn't turn up a whole lot. I know there is a book out there somewhere that was printed in the 70s that has patterns for some of these. So, I have been on a quest to find it.

Here is some more inspiration. This lady just made it up without a pattern! HOLY COW...I AM TOTALLY IMPRESSED! I immediately liked it. I can see these adorned with beads and metalic threads!

They would also look really neat in those classic olive green and brown colors. I can also see them crocheted up in embroidery floss.

Here is just a little more flickr inspiration. These circles are so bright and cheery...they make me want to crochet some up! I love the black edging around each one. These would make a killer scarf joined in rows of three circles.

Today I acquired my first pair of bi-focals, and let me tell you...I now have great respect for my mom and dad, who I used to kid about their bifocals! I am sure once I get used to them I will like them, but right now I feel like I am walking through the mirror house at the fair! :-)


Marci said...

Here's the book :)

~ Dawn Sparks ~ said...

Thanks for the link Marci!!!