Saturday, September 13, 2008


Granny Square Afghan
I have made more progress on my afghan and it's getting close to being finished. It almost covers me from head to toe and I'm thinking just a couple more rows of squares before it's ready for the border. I have thoroughly enjoyed working on this blanket, and as I am coming to the completion of it I've been getting the urge to pull Babette out and finish her up.
Another Row of Squares
Here are a few more squares to go into the next row. I really like the combination of the purple and brown square.

I visited my local yarn shop to pick up a ball winder...well, I walked out with more than that. A 30% off sale tempted me and I could not resist! I am thinking of a Ladder Shawl done up in this yummy yellow yarn!

Yummy Yellow Yarn!

I wanted to share my new book with everyone. Got it off of Amazon, and it is packed full of good stuff!

My New Favorite Book
Life would be perfect if I had the time to do everything I wanted!! Unfortunately, this is a problem that I share with all my girlfriends...not enough time. Oh well...back to this book. It is so packed full of motifs my brain did the happy dance as I thumbed through the pages!

Life lately has been hectic and stressful. As some may know, my sister had a heart attack. It is so rare, the condition is called "Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection - Postpartum". The artery to the left ventricle dissected causing a heart attack. It has been so scary for her, at the age of 37, with a two month old, and two children ages three and can imagine. I made a trip up to Maryland to help with the kids and the house but had to get back home because I was out of vacation time. She's in Johns Hopkins, and has been there for ten days and hopes to get home tomorrow if everything goes well today. It has been hard on us all worrying about her.

Needless to say, the worrying along with this stupid pain in my back and hip has left me sleep deprived and tired! I got up Friday and got ready for camera was sitting out and I snapped a pic...even though I am pooped, with bags under my eyes I put a smile on my face. I know she is going to get better and will be back home with her kids and hubby soon.
Friday Morning.


Samanta said...

Hello! My name is Samanta.Nice to meet you! I saw your pics on Flickr...And love yours squares!!! Well done, honey!!! Bye...

~ Dawn Sparks ~ said...

Thank you Samanta!! It's a true addiction, I promise!