Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fun Distraction

I have to admit, I have been slightly distracted the past couple of weeks! My crochet has sat next to my chair on idle for a few days now. So today I got back into the groove and am working on my granny square tote bag with hopes of finishing it up soon.

In the meantime, my sister-in-law and I have decided to open an etsy shop to sell some of our cards. I love making cards and the idea of selling them sounds like fun. From there it has grown...Rhonda was talking about recycling in our crafts and was wanting to do something with the huge mountain of plastic grocery bags she had accumulated. I had a good size mountain as well! So, we got busy making some "plarn"! It's time consuming, but kind of fun, mindless busy work...which I love since it keeps my hands busy.

I crocheted up a nice size tote bag using Food Lion and Walmart bags. Actually it took longer to make the "plarn" than it did to work up the bag!

Plarn Tote Bag

I'm quite pleased with the way this has turned out! Some of these will definitely go into our new etsy shop!

So my mind has been busy with creating some "upcycled" items for the new shop. I had a couple of wine bottles I had been saving with hopes of making something out of them. I got this idea from a girl I work with!

I had a hard time getting a decent photo of this, but it gets the general idea across. I strung a strand of 20 miniature lights into the bottle through a hole I had drilled in the back. Added some artificial grapes, some ribbon, and a glass ornament at the top. Perfect Christmas gift for a wine lover.

So, now I am soliciting everyone I know for empty wine bottles! And I have all kinds of ideas of how to dress these bottles.

It would be so nice if I had more time to work on these things, but a full time job and life in general has to be tended to first!

Since Thanksgiving is coming and Fall is here, I have been sprucing up the house to cozy it up for the cooler fall nights. This is my favorite time of year! And here in NC, the colors have put on a beautiful show this fall!

A corner of the living room. I filled up this urn with fall silks I have collected over the years!

I made this up in a matter of minutes using some artificial pumpkins I had, fall leaves, and a basket that was given to me! It's a pretty good size and sits next to the entry way to the living room. I added some miniature lights in the leaves and it glows! I think once Christmas gets closer I will take this apart and use the basket for some kind of Holiday arrangement. I've been picking up pine cones and think they would be so pretty in this basket.

It's raining outside, very dark, and a definite chill is in the air...I got on my comfy pj's and slippers and am headed towards my favorite seat in the house with my favorite quilt, and thinking I'll pick up my crochet hook for awhile until I head for bed! Sound a little bit like heaven?! It does to me!

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Annie said...

I love the plarn bag! Unfortunately, I use all my bags from the grocery store to pick up after the kitties! LOL!

And, your house looks great! So homey for this time of year.