Sunday, November 16, 2008

Large Knitting Tote!

Large Granny Square Tote

Yes, it is big!! But I plan on filling this fella full of yarn and projects so I can tote them with me wherever I go! Right now I have the outer shell done. I am working on a reinforcement for the bottom of the bag, and then a fully crocheted liner. Trust me, you could run over this bad boy with a truck and it wouldn't hurt it!

I am extremely pleased with how well the colors look together. It's exactly as I had visioned. And I would guess this bag is a good 30 inches deep. I have a pillow stuffed in it to take this picture!

I have an extremely busy weekend coming up, so I doubt I'll get to work on it much this week, and I need to put some focus on out new etsy shop...hopefully we will have some items listed this week!

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