Monday, November 9, 2009

Busy Happy Hands!

I have so much to share I am not sure where to start. Scarves have been finished and blocked, my fingers have picked up tiny knitting needles and come up with a snowman, and the beginnings of a baby blanket for a shower gift has started. I also got a custom order this week for a poncho, which I am excited about starting!

So....let's start here...
I can never tired at looking at all this warm color! I just want to wrap up in it.
This, my Bloggy Buddies, is the reason I love crochet. Those of you that crochet and crave the mixture of colors coupled with a good granny know exactly what I mean! I must admit, I left this scarf draped around the dress form, just for the simple pleasure of being able to gaze at it as I walk into my kitchen. This simple thing pleases me to no end and usually gives me the urge to jump right back into that yarn basket to see what damage I can do next!
And here we have scarf No. 1. A friend of mine at work, who appreciates a good granny square scarf, took one look at this and I thought for a moment I would not get it back!! But I did, and I am sure Santa will be bringing her one for Christmas this year. was a given I would have to make another, right!!! LOL!
So, here it is, No. 2! Just as pretty and full of that warm color in those traditional grannies that I am so nuts about!

And of course, I have to include a snap of Phoebe! After all she is right by my side as I crochet, protecting me from all those sounds she hears coming from outside, usually the kids in the street!

Okay, so sorry, but just one more granny square picture...

I want y'all to be able to see all the colors I put into these scarves.

So, with that done, I set my sights on trying to knit a little snowman. I had seen so many cute ones on Ravelry, all saying how easy they were, so I did, and,

you ready?

Ta - da!
I named him "Wooly". And now, I have been seriously been bitten with the snowman bug, which is not a bad thing mind you, it's just that I have a couple things I need to finish up before cranking out snowmen. For those who would like the pattern, it is free on line. Here: I did put my own personal flair to him. The pattern has a top hat...I wanted a tobogan on him. He is a true ornament, about 4 inches tall. Oh, I crocheted a little carrot nose on him, too.

Next on my list is a little baby blanket that is a shower gift for a daughter of a lady I work with. And yes, it is granny squares, and gobs of different baby colored yarn with some brights thrown in the mix. It is turning out quite cute. I promise some pictures when I get finished.

I do love the Fall. My brain begins thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas, and the things I want to make to give as gifts...just to realize, there is no way I can get everything made! These shorter days also keep me inside with my yarn in the evening, which I love!!!

I am hoping everyone has a great week!


Brenda said...

Great scarves! I love your colors! I am working on an granny square afghan, well it really is more of hexagon shapes I think. I have about 3 rows done at this time. I started during a Lion Brand crochet along (not using Lion brand though). I have a post on my blog about it.

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Busy indeed! Love the colors on those scarves...very warm and cozy. And that little snowman is just darling. Nice work, as usual!


Kar said...

I just love all the colors that you pick Dawn. Just beautiful! The snowman is the cutest! I have to put that on my list!


Just be happy! said...

one word: BEAUTIFUL!

The Garden Bell said...

Wonderful scarfs. I love that dress form. I'm going to have to keep my eyes peeled for one of those. It's sooooo hard to get Scooter to take pictures or do it myself one handed...

Phoebe is the cutest model tooo.

Great colors on this grannie.

Off to get some new yummie yarn today... guess what palette I'm looking for today.

Circus Parade is up in my garden patch... head over for a peek.

~ Dawn Sparks ~ said...

Garden Bell...I did pop over and take a look at Circus Parade!! For some reason I cannot leave a comment on your blog. :-( But I just wanted to say it is so full of color that it makes me drool!


Crochet Mom said...


I like your scarves ALOT! Especially those deep rich colors!