Saturday, March 6, 2010


I just love'm...Saturdays! Popping in to show you my knitting progress this week.

I totally scrapped my fingerless gloves and started over, AGAIN! This time, I changed yarn. I just didn't like the way the lace pattern was getting lost in the variegated yarn I was using. So, I reached deep down into my stash and pulled out this gorgeous ball of purple wool I had picked up at SAFF. PURPLE! And it shows off the pattern perfectly!
This is my first attempt at a lace pattern. I am rather pleased so far. I'm looking forward to my Tuesday night knitting with the girls to show them off!
Aren't they going to be pretty??!!

I also finished up another neck it be....
I have had some requests for the pattern. I promise I will write it up and post it. It is super-dooper easy!
I actually wore it out last night, and was glad to have was cold!

I think it's rather cute!
I am off for now. Going to run some errands and do that Saturday Thang!


Debbie said...

Love the neck warmers you are making... really pretty. Would you share the pattern?

pinkviolets said...

I love the new yarn for the fingerless gloves, it's so pretty and does show off the pattern much better, you are doing very well for your first attempt at lace patterns. I also love your neckwarmers and wondered how I can get the pattern??

Just be happy! said...

oh my, what a beautiful shade of purple, this is going to be beautiful!

Fru-la-la! said...

lovely lace goodness!!