Saturday, June 12, 2010

6 squares = 1 rectangle!

I wish you could actually feel this, it is so soft and squishy...I am really liking it.  This is my first attempt at a square rug, and I am really learning alot!  I have now figured out it is a lot easier to shirret each square and then attach them rather than trying to attach each row at a time. 
I am also on the hunt for more red wool.  I've been scouring the thrift stores and good will for red wool skirts that can be sacrificed!  I am now ready for the border.  Not exactly sure what I want to do yet!  I was thinking dark blocks of color would really pop up the bands of color. 

Let me share some more pics!

Phoebe had given it her seal of approval!  LOL!  I find that if I lay down my work and walk back into the room, she is normally laying on it.  Now how cute is that!
Here's a closeup of the rows of shirred wool. 

It has been an extremely busy week for me.  Work has left me totally pooped in the evenings!  I hope to soon be posting pictures of the crochet bag I am working on.  It is looking so pretty!  My goal is to get it done and off to it's new home by next week! 

I'm off for now...


Just be happy! said...

absolutely fabulous, Dawn!

Lauri said...

Hermosa! Beautiful! and it seems very cozy!

The Garden Bell said...

What a pleasure to stop by and see what you are up to with your ramblin'. I will be making a note to do this more often. You just know what colors go together. Fun posting.

Kate - The Garden Bell - xoxoxo