Friday, June 4, 2010

Rug Progression

My rug is coming along beautifully!  I almost have four completed squares.  I am now thinking that it will be two rows of three squares, then I will add a border.  I am so 'Hooked'  (yeah, I said it, LOL!) on this that it is so hard for me to put it down and work on a crochet order.  But in the same breath, I love it when I am jazzed about a project like this!  My goal is to have a fourth square completed this weekend.

Also, I wanted to share the sweetest picture of Phoebe with one of my granny square blankets.  She looks so pretty!  My girlie dog has totally loved having me home with her all week.  I dread the thought of leaving her alone to go back to work next Monday!  :-(

I'm off to work on some more granny squares for the purse I am's getting there, can't wait to share more!


CT said...

It looks awesome!!! I love the rug! I think i wanna make one too!

Phoebe's photo is adorable!!!

Kar said...

Phoebe is just too cute! Her eyes are just so sweet.