Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sundays, Yarn and Puppy Dogs

Time seems to be moving faster, and I seem to be moving slower!  I was hoping to get a posting up last week, but it just didn't happen.  Since it has been a couple of weeks, I am loading this post up with some pictures. 
So here is a little up close and personal look at my latest WIP.  I was asked to make two of my Bhuja Wraps!  Why of course I can do that.  While working on this I am also working on writing up the pattern as well.
It is coming along well and hopefully by the end of the week wrap number one will be done.  The picture has it looking very "pink" but in fact the color is quite warm and looks more red.  I am working on getting some better pictures.
Phoebe completely gives it her seal of approval.  Can you resist that cuteness??  I cannot!
She has gotten so fluffy here lately.
Just look at those stubby feet!  They are adorable!
I have also found a few hours to crochet up this little shrug/wrap.  I used this yummy cotton.  I wish I had a live body to show it to you on, because it looks so much cuter on.
I am sure I will enjoy wearing it this Fall. 

Since I had the camera out I snapped some pictures from around the house.  I have been slowly adorning corners here and there for Fall, my favorite season of the year.

Well, Phoebe is telling me it's time for her supper!  LOL!  It's hard to type with a little doggie trying to get on my lap!  Bye for now....


Kar said...

Love all your Fall decor! And the variegated yarn is absolutely great! I'm so going to have to go get some!

tamdoll said...

Your work is so beautiful, and that yarn is yummy to see.

pinkviolets said...

Hi Dawn, I absoloutly love the cream cotton wrap/shrug/cardi. Where can I get the pattern?? or is it one of yours?? will you be making it available?? I am desperate to make it.