Sunday, October 2, 2011

Scrap Happy Progress

Progress on my Scrap Happy is coming right a long.  Maybe a bit slower than normal, but that's okay.  I am also working on a shawl.  Two projects at one time!  It's a bit out of my norm, but I needed something smaller I could carry with me to knit night.
Look at those ziggy zags!  That's what makes this so much fun to work on, just watching how the different colors come together.  It occurred to me, you could make these into squares and stitch them together.  I may have to experiment a bit with that.  It would be great for using up those tiny bits of yarn!
How do you like my hook bag?  A girl at work had one of those thirty-one bags party.  I ordered this little bag, and instead of having my initials put on it, I had "hooks" on it.  It is perfect to carrying around my crochet hooks!

Let me share some vintage with y'all.  This is a piece of crochet done by my Great Grandmother.  I am certain it is in a hand dyed wool.  I am not sure what stitch, this is, it looks like a type of shell stich.  I am sure I could figure it out or find it somewhere.  I think I am going to add this to my ravelry page, I wonder what she would think of that?!!
This is her.  She was born in 1888 and died in 1962 a few days before I was born.  It gives me such a heart warming feeling to just be able to have these pieces of her crochet. 
Here is the doily she made to go with it.  And yes, that is her iron!  I have more of her items in my possession.  Does this not give you just a glimpse into what her life was like?  It does me. 
Unbelievably, these are in pretty good condition.  There is a little hole in the doily, and the dresser scarf is a bit faded.  I was thinking about doing this same set for myself.  How neat would that be!
Here is another picture of her.  She was tiny!!  I'll stop here.  I could post all day about family history, and share pictures if time would let me! 


vikki said...

your scrappy blanket looks great! I too have a crochet piece from my great grandma, it is on my wall. She used string as she was poor, so she must have saved string for quite awhile.

Amy said...

LOVE seeing all your heirlooms! I too, have several blankets that were crocheted by my grandmother. No one else wanted them, but I scooped them all up & brought them home & have them displayed on the backs of couches & chairs in our living room! So special to me knowing this is where I inherit my love of crochet from!

melbatoast68 said...

Wonderful! Can't wait to see the progress on your shawl

Anonymous said...

You lucky girl to have such beautiful treasures. I too love family history and genealogy. Seeing pictures of our loved ones makes them just come to life for us, don't you think?

KinnicChick said...

The blanket is awesome. And you KNOW I love that bag. What a great idea!

What I think I'm most amazed at about your grandmother's pieces, are the amazing colors! All of the heirloom pieces I own or that my mother owns are the antique white or pastel shades. These are shazam!