Sunday, July 22, 2012

Crochet, Crochet, Crochet!!!!

As promised, I am posting the sunflower pattern for those of you who would like it.

For flower center  (sc are worked in the back loop to give the flower center ridges)
Round 1: ch 2, 8 sc into 1st ch. Mark start of round with a contrasting thread.
Rounds 2-3: work 2 sc into each st around, move marker
Round 4: 1 sc, 2 sc around, move marker
Round 5: 1 sc around, move marker
Round 6:  1 sc, 2 sc around, move marker
Round 7:  1 sc around, and end round with 1 sl-st into 1st st. of round.
Work flower center twice. Then sandwich the wrong sides of the circles together and crochet together with sc brown.

Petals:  Using a yellow attach yarn to one sc of the flower center,
*(2dc, 2trc, chain 3, sl st in 2nd and 3rd ch from hook, 1tc, 2 dc) all in same stitch, ch 3, sl st into next sc of flower center,  - Petal made!
chain 3 and repeat at *, continue in this matter all the way around flower. After the last petal chain 3 and attach to beginning dc.

Now the fun!  do a chain stitch with a tapestry needle and a bright green at base of petals around flower.  I chose to put a pretty button in the center, but several small buttons would also look great.

With this little sunflower you can do so much, it is great attached to a granny square.  The brown base can be filled with fiberfil to make a great little pincushion!

As you can see above,  I have created a little wall hanging which also includes little birds!

Scotty's Place had the cutest little birdies she had been making which caught my eye; I was able to find the pattern on ravelry, so I got  it.  It's a very nice upload!!!  I did them in black to make the little crows. 

Isn't it cute???!!!!  I promise you, once you make a sunflower, you will have to make another!!  The little birds take all of 10 minutes to work up.

Of course, a beaded tassel is a necessity!!! 

It's been quite a week here.  HOT, for one thing.  Miserably hot.  Work has been busy and a bit on the insane side!  So, once I get home in the evening, I change into some cool and comfy and decompress in the a/c with my yarn at my side!  Friday I did get to the thrift store at lunch and found a couple treasures.

I snagged this granny square blanket for $7!!!!  It is beautifully crocheted, I couldn't walk out of the place without it! 

Phoebe totally approves!  I got it home, stuck it in the washer, and it's already in use!  (It has inspired me to start a granny blanket!!)  Yup, a trip yesterday afternoon to A.C. Moore and the insanity has already begun.  I can't wait to share once I get started!

I got a pretty little scarf crocheted up.  It took all of two evenings.  Isn't it pretty!
I am so ready for Fall!! 
I cannot wait until it is cool enough that I can start wearing this.  I crocheted this shawl years ago in this super dooper soft purple yarn.  I have had some requests for the pattern, but for the life of my I cannot get my fingers on it.  I'll keep looking.  It is in one of my crochet books, so I know it is around this house somewhere.
I cannot wait to wear it!
And the pictures don't lie, It is extremely soft!!!

I have been getting a lot of questions about this blanket from my Happy Hookah Goodness posting.
I do not have the exact colors I used, but I can tell you some of them.  The variegated yarns in these squares is Red Heart's TLC Essentials.  I used three colors: "sedona", "coraline", and "island".  I love the red one, "sedona", and use it in a lot of my crochet.  Fore those wanting to doe something similar to this I can give you my formula.  I kept the center of the large squares the same, blue.  Each square has white, and sedona in it.  If you keep the white and the red in the large squares you can change out the other yarns.  You can see I used some yellows and a pretty mint green.  I hope this helps.   If anyone has a question for me, I am happy to answer, but it would be best to email me at the address on my profile so I will be sure to see it!!

That's about it for now.  Phoebe says to tell everyone to have a great week and stay cool!


Neicee said...

Wow Thanks for the pattern! Its gorgeous. Great find at thrift shop. I just posted about that baby afghan. I love it and am so happy to have some of the formula thanks so very much...Your work as always amazing and colorful and fun!

Charlotte said...

As always, your work inspires me. Hope you don't mind, but I nominated you for an award on my blog.

Debi Y. said...

You always have such pretty and colorful crochet - love the sunflower wall hanging. :)

Kar said...

Love the sunflower project Dawn. So bright and pretty! Love seeing your granny blankets. They are always so colorful and cheery to look at.

Lisa said...

Wow, the sunflower wall hanging would be nice on my wall in the garden. Really nice.


spanky51 said...

Love the pattern you shared with us. So beautiful. Thanks for all the inspiration you give to us all. Love the granny's too, and the color tips and yarn choices.

Casa Pearl said...

A most adorable project and really nice of you to share the pattern. And what a lucky find on the afghan. It makes my fingers itch to start a granny blanket but I must finish a knitted baby gift first. But there is definitely one in my future!

Pammy Sue said...

Love this post! There are so many fun things here. Love your sunflower decoration with the little birdies. I went and got that pattern from Ravelry. Thanks for that. Your granny thrift store find is wonderful. How fun. Glad you could give it a good home.

Melissa said...

The wall hanging is great! Love the birdies.

kj sunflower said...

I'm glad I saw this, I have always liked that afghan and wondered what colors you used. It's very striking. I have also kept looking to see if you would post the sunflower pattern, I love them! I thought you would sell the pattern ( and I would have happily payed ) so I have to say, thank you for being generous and sharing for free, very sweet! Love the wall hanging!

Nana Pops said...

Hi Dawn, All along the week I was waiting to see what you will post. And I have to say it was good to wait for this new sunflower composition. Beautiful! A little piece of nature to hang in the house for winter days (to recall the sun!!). Best

knitting patterns for babies said...

Your creations are very impressive and adorable. I think the dog likes it because it enjoys sitting on your beautiful blanket. I wish I could have one, too. Everything on your post is awesome and very eye catching for just a glance.

Devon said...

Dawn you make up the cutest little patterns,,your sunflower wall hanging is just adorable..I to am into my yarn maniac stage again,,knitting,crocheting,,cant seem to get enough of it I will be posting pictures on my blog of updated pictures sometime today,,thanks so much for sharing and yes try and stay cool...

MARCELA said...

Todo tan lindo!!! felicitaciones.

AgueroSandra said...

Enamorada de tus trabajos y este tapiz es muy hermoso, buen trabajo ☺ besitos.

Sam I Am...... said...

OMG! I'm so happy I found you! I went across the pond and back home as I saw you over on Faith's blog.
I'm Saminar on Ravelry and you are SO RIGHT! It's insane but fun insane! I just started knitting but was crocheter and now I'm both and I think it IS a yarn thing!
I love each and every one of your projects! The colors and designs are right up my alley! Stay cool! I'm in AR and IS HOT!

Lulu said...

you do beautiful work...
awwww love your baby, she is so adorable..

Petunia Pill said...

Your creativity just NEVER ceases to make me draw a breath and say "aaahhhhh"! How adorable is this? And, it's because of YOU that I have a flower loom...I just need to open it and puzzle through how to use it! You're a very bad influence on me! Ha ha

Your little Phoebe...with those soulful eyes...she just makes me smile.

Teresita said...

Precioso! Precioso! me gustó mucho todo!!!!

AgueroSandra said...

Hola el día que vi tus gallos quede totalmente enamorada de tus trabajos y te sigo y como siempre disfruto de tus colores tus animalitos son divinos y e visto otros gallos o búhos, pero los tuyos tienen un sello propio los adoro, tienes una maravillosa técnica y una gran personalidad en los tejidos eso me encanta te felicito, de verdad son únicos y bellos y quiero decirte que en mi blog te e dejado un muy cariñoso premio por tan hermoso blog ☺ besitos.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Your crocheted wallhanging is absolutely adorable. And that granny ghan. I can't believe you got it for $7. Wow! It's gorgeous! Your scarf and shawl are lovely, too. Wishing you a great day. Tammy

GypsyRose58 said...

Hi Dawn,I just loved your sunflower banner.I was wondering,do you have the pattern for sale for the rest of it,or is it on your blog somewhere,I would love to make one for my kitchen..thanks so much for sharing your beautiful work with all of us~Darlene

cutekittypunk said...

Hi. I'm a first time visitor to your site. I found your sunflower tapestry via pinterest and I love it. I'm going to add it to my projects to make list!

Anonymous said...

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