Sunday, July 1, 2012

Junk Store Candlesticks

Greetings everyone!!  I don't have any hookage to show for the week.  Although I did start a new knitting project, but it is not far along, so I decided I would wait to post some pics.

I have also been testing a crochet pattern, and I didn't want to show those pictures until she has the pattern available.  I can say, it is cute!!

This is what I did yesterday afternoon.  I glued junk together.  LOL!
My inspiration came straight from pinterest!!  So I have been gathering those little knick-knacks we all have a round the house, as well as bringing home anything under $1 I find at the Goodwill. 

I love this one.  I have had that old coffee cup forever, not even sure where I got it.  And I have had the Elsie creamer a good long time.  The sugar bowl was broken many years ago. 

That little cup was Brad's when he was a baby, too sweet!! 

Aren't they cute???  I could kick myself for all those old cups and odds and ends I have taken to Goodwill! 

They are so quirky!  Can you see some for Halloween or Christmas???  OMG!!  I think I have enough Christmas and Fall things around here to make some! 

That's about it for me.  I'm off to do a little crocheting.  Too hot outside to do anything else!



Charlotte said...

Looks great. I haven't gotten the nerve to glue my knick-knacks together yet. Except for the redneck wine glasses :-) Stay cool!

Mary said...

It is interesting, and they make for great conversations as each piece has a story..

Melissa said...

They look great. The rooster cup is the stone wear that is at my grandmother's beach house.

Twigwoman said...

what kind of glue are you using for this?

becktovintage said...

Ohh yes I like your candle sticks so much.. You are real stylish..:))
I like your style..