Sunday, August 26, 2012


Fall is definitely in the air, I can feel it!  The air is cooler, the evenings just have that sound, and the trees have a tiny hint of changing color.  I am so ready!!!  So, you can see!  I have started by working on some pumpkins to set around the house.
Aren't they adorable!  You can find the pattern here.  It is quick and easy.  I did bling it up a wee bit with a crocheted leaf and some embroidered vines, and yes, of course, buttons!!!
And they just go with Owlies! 
I'll just add a small caveat here, you can't stop making them!  LOL!  I have started one in a cream color, which I think is going to be adorable too!

My Fall To Do List:

Knit more pumpkins
Crochet more pumkins
Crochet some fall leaves
Make more owls
Maybe make a little scarecrow
Knit more pumpkins!

It's not a bad list, totally doable!  

Can't you see a little pumpkin patch???  OMG...idea...sewing little patches on the pumpkins!!  How cute would that be???  

Well, as you see, my brain is in complete creative mode, so I best take advantage of it...I'm off to knit some more, and do a little cooking (Mexican casserole recipe I found on pinterest)!  

Here is a sweet little picture of Girlie I snapped this morning while taking pumpkin pictures.  She is such a sweet baby!

Bye for now!


Jennifer Haggerty said...

Your pumpkins are adorable, Dawn! I also have a pumpkin/owl fetish. They're just too cute to resist. And fall is my most favoritest season.

priscilla said...

So cute ! love the little knitted pumpkins !

Charlotte said...

These are so cute! The owls look great with them.

Mereknits said...

Oh my those pumpkins are adorable. They look perfect with the owl and of course Girlie is the cutest of them all.

Pammy Sue said...

I'm lovin' the pumpkins and owls together, and I do feel fall just barely perceptible in the air. A cream pumpkin would be nice, and maybe a dark purple?

Pooch said...

Your embellishments on the pumpkins are so eye-catching! It might be fun to make them for the ladies in my card group when we play at my house in Oct. You've got me thinking! Will I actually be doing??! Just love your gorgeous work! And, your sweet-sweet girlie is such a cutie!


Gramma Rita said...

Your pumpkins are so cute! You are so good at bling-ing your work. Love these!! :)

Melissa said...

The pumpkins are adorable! Can you imagine what would happen if I made those? Oreo and Smokey would bat them all over the house....ooh! I could fill them with catnip! Hmmmmm...seasonal toys!

busybusybeejay said...

I love those pumkins(and the owls).They have to go on my "to do" granddaughters will love them.

Annie said...

So cute!!! Although, I'm not quite ready for fall. Oh, wait... does that mean it's closer to SAFF? OK, then! :-) Can't wait to see these little cuties on Wednesday!

Pixie said...

Great pumpkins and great owlies. x

Susana said...

Hola. Son muy bonitos los búhos y las calabazas. Tienes un blog precioso.

Yolanda said...

Me encantaria saber como tejes las calbazas, son preciosas.besos yolanda

Arte Friki said...

Oh my god, those pumpkins are so cute!! I really love them ♥

Angeline said...

Those little owls are cute!


Maybe you like to crochet a Tilda doll/angel.Look's like something for you in your colors I think,ha, can see mines at my blog incl. pattern

Cattinka said...

Your pumpkins and owls are very nice!