Sunday, May 4, 2014

Granny Blankets Are Good For My Soul!!

Thank you all for the encouraging emails and comments!!!!   I do believe my little black cloud has lifted!

I am a happy girl!  I have become obsessed with my latest granny blanket.  All I needed was a reason to start one.  I have a family member that will be going through some major surgery very soon, so I decided to make him a blanket to recuperate under!   I had two tubs full of acrylic yarn and started out with no plan at all, although I did have an idea of what I wanted.

As you can see it has grown to blanket size, and it is very bright and cherry.  We had such a pretty day yesterday I took it out on the deck to snap some pictures of it.   

And Phoebe was so willing to pose with it.   

Here is a close up of the center.  I am joining the squares as I go.  This is now my preferred method....I used to sew my squares together.   

I love the moment when a project comes to life.  This one took awhile to get to that point for me.  I think it is because I omitted the black.  I love that traditional granny bordered with the black.   And I was really kinda hating I had left it out for a while, but not now!!!! 
I am now working on the border.  I should have it done this week....but then I have about a zillions ends to weave in!!!  I haven't wove in a single thread!!  (It's not easy being lazy!). 
I am happy to report I am walking boot free and cane free!  But still not pain free.  PT started last week.   I am following orders and doing my therapy at home.too.  Boy!  This is not easy!!!   I can walk up a flight of stairs normally, but I still cannot go down them normally, I am having to do one at a time.  But it is definite improvement over just a couple of weeks ago!!!!
I am also going to the grocery store and cooking again!!!  Yay!!!!  Tonight we are having roast with some carrots and potatoes.  I also have some homemade soup done for lunches this week.   Hubs has done a great job with getting the meals done, groceries bought, etc....but I was seriously missing some of my favorite dishes!
I hope everyone has a great week!!!!   


Twyla and Lindsey said...

This one is a beauty! Glad your black cloud has lifted and you are free to do some things! Have a nice week! Twyla

LuAnn said...

Your blanket is just beautiful! Glad you are doing better.

Lisa said...

It looks gorgeous. All the colors make me smile on a rainy day.


Hindustanka said...

Wishing you to get back on track soon, speedy recovery!
I am sure that crochet will help you too :) The blanket is so cozy and cheerful! Well done!

moonstruckcreations said...

The blanket looks great, and your glamorous model shows it off to perfection :)


Comberspud said...

I absolutely LOVE your granny blankets. I did one last summer using your red white and blue one as my inspiration that you did last year. I made it for my friend, as a reminder of our trip to New York and she absolutely loved it!

Glad to hear you're on the mend. :)

busybusybeejay said...

I love your blanket.I also am addicted to making blankets!Glad you are feeling better.

Marcia said...

So glad you're feeling better.

Gramma Rita said...

Glad you're feeling better, and hope PT goes well for you. Your granny blanket is gorgeous! :)

Mereknits said...

Just moving aroun don your own will lighten your mood. Glad you are feeling better and the blanket is amazing.

Anonymous said...

The blanket is gorgeous, but the star of the show has to be your wee dog.


Granny Square said...

A couple groups you may enjoy, I started the Dachshund group myself, and I am a member of the crochet group, both yahoo groups that are small but friendly.


Lisa Ruff said...

I'm so glad you are doing better! Wow your blanket is fantastic! I love the bright wonderful colors! Phoebe looks adorable with the blanket! Hugz Lisa and Bear

ES said...

I was thinking of you recently as I have been doing granny squares in a wonderful variegated yarn that I pocked up, some of your pieces in variegated yarns really got my mind whirling!! Lovely to see you heeling up.

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