Monday, December 1, 2008

Busy Little Christmas Hands!

Okay, I know I do not have time to make a scarf for everyone on my list, but I am giving it my best try! :-D I do have a select few that I would like to make a scarf here are my efforts so far. I crocheted this green scarf up in two evenings, and I love it. It is so soft! I had been saving that nubby variegated yarn for some time now. I used an oversized hook so this is a really soft and squishy scarf. (I have more of this yarn in blues...and am jonesing to use it!)

Green Crocheted Scarf

Crocheted Scarf Detail

This is a simple garter stitch scarf. I love making these, using about four different yarns and watching a color pattern come to life. And of course, I had to add the nubby crocheted's a must!

Blue Garter Stitch Scarf

This is called "I love this scarf" that I made a while back. It has been so hard to get a good picture of this to reflect the true color of the yarn. This one is not bad...The yarn is from Hobby Lobby by Yarn escapes me at the moment what it's called. I experimented with the fringe on this one and created this bullion fringe and like how it turned out, and was pretty impressed at how easy it was to do!

Knit Scarf

Update!!! Last night I finished my granny square knitting tote! I am hoping for some sunshine in the next day or two to get some good pictures to post! With that done, now I can focus on some more little Christmas know, there are only 24 days left!

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