Monday, December 22, 2008

Small Plarn Tote Bag

What a way to recycle! Right? So, in a way I am doing my part and keeping those plastic bags out of the landfill!

This was a custom order for my boss. He had seen the other plarn bag I made and requested one a bit smaller he could give his girlfriend. I think it turned out very nice! I used Hobby Lobby bags. I cinched the upper sides to give the bag some shape. I definitely want to make some more of these if I can get some more "plarn" made...that's what takes most of my time in making the bag.

Two days until Christmas!! I still have one more gift to get, and some wrapping to do! And a new recipe I want to make for Christmas Eve. I'm ready for it...and looking forward to some time with my family.


Natasha said...

I absolutely love this bag! It's fabulous!

Just be happy! said...

this design looks awesome!
I also want to make some more "plarn" - I love that new word! :o) hehehe

~ Dawn Sparks ~ said...

Thanks Allesandra...most of the work is in making the Plarn!