Sunday, December 14, 2008

Scrappy Goodness

I just love my basket full of left over yarn from other projects! It's amazing what can come out of those scraps. I knit up this scarf using leftovers. Cast on 200 stitches so it would be nice and long and knit in strips of color, each separated by a row of white, by k2 tog, wrap yarn around the needle (I am much better at actually knitting these stitches than typing them out!) The white row creates a criss-cross pattern.
Knit Scarf

I am making hot pads or you could call them pot holders for the girls at work. These are so much fun to work on...I get addicted to them. Of course, I am using up scrap yarn, so they are very bright! I can see these squares put together for an would look awesome!!! I crochet eleven rounds to create the square, then fold in each corner and seam them together. You can actually see one completed in the picture below. I know the girls are going to love these!

Pretty Grannies!

Granny Square

I have accomplished so much this weekend. Just about finished up my Christmas shopping! And gave the house a good cleaning, I mean I even took down the window scarves and washed them, took down the pictures and cleaned them...and steam cleaned the carpet! Needless to say, my lower back is feeling the aftermath, but it is so nice to get up on Monday morning for work and have the house clean and in order!!!

It is going to be a busy week, and I am sure it will fly by!


Just be happy! said...

Oh my goodness, I absolutely love everything about this scarf, the colors, the length, the fringe - it's gorgeous!

~ Dawn Sparks ~ said...

Thanks Allesandra!