Sunday, March 29, 2009

Experiment in Felting

This was an adventure in felting combined with crochet. I normally see knitting that has been felted. I am sure others have felted crochet...but I don't see much of it. In my stash I had these two skeins of Noro yarn and a couple skeins of black wool. I decided my experiment would be in the form of a scarf.

Do you not love the colors! This felting thing is kinda fun and scary at the same time. What I was particularly pleased with is that the scarf went from scratchy to soft and fuzzy!

Here's a little closeup. I basically used a half-double crochet in the bright Noro with a row of single crochet in the black wool to pop it up.

Another Bling-Bling Scarf!
Yes, I must admit I am a bit addicted to knitting these scarves up! Each one looks different. I have never been a fan of the eyelash yarn, or fun fur, but making up these little scarves has totally changed my mind!

This scarf is loaded with wild color and a girly-girl personality! I am continuing my exploration in this little scarf and now working on one that has a bit of a different look from this. I'm halfway through it and should have photos of it near the end of the week.


Just be happy! said...

I love the felted scarf, the colors are gorgeous!

Handmade Sunshine said...

Pretty pretty pretty! Love that felted noro one. I'm with you, wouldn't have thought of felting crochet, but it's worked out marvelously.

Gege Crochet said...

Love your work! I only crochet and have felted it many times- though only for bags. I find that hdc works really well for felting. :)

Anonymous said...

I can't BELIEVE how many scarves you've made lately. WOW! That is incredible :) good work!