Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Diva Scarf

I assure you I have not fallen off the face of the earth. Between my husband working out of town, keeping up with the house and the yard work, a bit of a bad back, and just life in general, time has been precious and hard to find! It is spring here in North Carolina, but by the feel of the air you wouldn't know it! If it weren't for everything blooming, the grass growing and greening up, and the birds singing I would swear it were fall! But there are promises for warmer weather on the horizon and I cannot wait.

I have found time to make a couple more scarves for the etsy shop. Seems strange to be making scarves this time of year, but I do enjoy it, and it is such a great creative release!

I came across this pattern in a book by Vanna for her new yarn, which by the way I absolutely LOVE!

It is a fairly easy pattern to follow…I do have to pay attention to keep the count, but it is very repetitious which helps. I am using my scraps in the colors that I love. I imagine I will more than likely make another one of these once I finish this one.

You can get a good idea of the pattern here. Once I get it finished and blocked it will look like the one in the book!

Here is another I finished up last week…it reminds me of candy. I am not sure what to call it yet. I like the contrast of the black against the bright pinks and blues. It is so soft, it is a shame you cannot feel over the internet!

I also was given a subtle hint by my sister that she needed a scarf! Well, I was on the case immediately. I knew she would definitely not wear anything that was too flashy, so I tried to restrain myself. I found this super soft yarn in Hobby Lobby (on sale, even better!) in her colors so it went home with me!

I decided to crochet it. I was needing a break from my knitting needles and this was the perfect opportunity!

I'll think she will like it!

Last week, as I was rummaging through a cabinet I came across a pine needle basket I had started a couple of year ago, all wrapped up in a FoodLion bag, just waiting for me to finish it. I thought, I should be ashamed of myself for letting this sit for so long! Yes, I make baskets. I don't do it often, because it is not something you can just pick up and set down easily! This was my first effort for a pine needle basket. I bought the kit which included all the supplies needed and instructions when I was at a Sea Grove Pottery Festival. There was a lady there making them and selling the kits. She gave me a quick five minute lesson and sent me on my way with kit in hand! I am so happy to show it to you today. It's a cracker basket…and yes, I am hooked! I have a list ready to order more supplies to do more baskets.

Not bad for my first effort! The ends were the hardest and going around the walnut slices. Other than that it wasn't bad at all! I am sure with time and practice I could get much better at doing this. I was looking at some online that looked like works of art!!

Well, looking back on this post I can see that I was not a total slug last week…I did get some things accomplished!


CT said...

I love everything you have made!!! the knit scarf in scraps is my fave so far.

Just be happy! said...

you're blessed with so many talents!
the basket is beautiful and so are the scarves!

Zu said...

Love the basket! I've always wanted to try making one. The scarves are beautiful as well.:-)

Crochet Goddess said...

I think I have that book, with that pattern. Your scarves look great.

Olya-lya said...

Lovely work on your blog!!!!!!!!! )))

FedericcaSu said...

ola, gostei muito do ponto do trico que esta na agulha-diva scarf- ficarei muito contente se me mandares um grafico de como fazer o ponto. meu email porto alegre-rs-BRASIL abra├žo, muito obrigada kharin