Monday, April 27, 2009

Today's Crochet Inspiration

The purpose of this post is to make you smile. The happy little baby is my niece, Maya, wrapped in the blanket I made for her. It was one of those moments when she was giggling, and the more we laughed with her, the more she laughed back...she is adorable. When I look at this picture all I see is how comfy and cozy she looks, and how happy it makes her. Now this is what living is all about!

I was thinking about how much I love crochet and why. I think it just goes with life. Or at least it goes with my life! I love graphic shapes and lots of color and crochet offers it up on a big ole plate! I can't imagine living in my house without my afghans, pillows and other crocheted treasures around me.

These are a few of my flickr faves, which I often refer back to for inspiration. If you think that crocheting granny squares is for the little old ladies at the rest home, I offer this to you...I think it's art. Painting with yarn. Art that you can touch and wrap yourself up in. It touches all your senses!

Hopefully I am leaving you with a smile on your face!


Just be happy! said...

that picture of your niece is just darling, it makes you want to hug her!
crochet rocks!!!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

You are a total inspiration. I have just about finished my first afghan after seeing your most colourful blog. I love your little dog as well:) That is going to be yet another "project" I look into.

Charming and delightful blog. Thank you so much for sharing your many talents.

Mary Grace McNamara said...

You have succeeded! Who couldn't break out into a great big smile after seeing happy, cozy little Maya cracking herself up? Just precious! And of course all the crocheting surrounding her and in the other pictures is just scrumptious with all the colors and textures and designs! Thanks for the smiles!


Very Herodotus said...

Jakey has taken over her blankie - he loves the brown!

~ Dawn Sparks ~ said...

Uh Oh...does this mean Maya needs another? :O)

Lauri said...

I have an award waiting for you in my blog (sunce)
You deserve a thousand! thanks for sharing your talent!

Debb said...

Oh, my gosh... what a babe... she's adorable I mean the baby girl; but, the afghan is adorable, too. Love your blog.. it makes me smile and inspires me to keep "hooking" crochet that is... also, love your deck.. here in PA we are still in that "iffy weather" -- if it's nice out I'll get the front porch put together... everyone needs a place to nest and with a pillow and a few throws on the swings and rockers it is ready for those breezy evenings... debb