Thursday, April 30, 2009

WIP - Diva Scarf Part II

It is still a work in progress...slow progress, but definitely getting there. This is the Diva Scarf in blacks and reds.
I get frustrated trying to take pictures of this, the black makes it challenging. But it is pretty in living color and is going to be quite dramatic!

I am using a variety of yarns giving it a lot of texture. Y'all know me, I cannot stick to just one or two colors. My curiosity won't let me...I just have to throw in more colors to the mix. I am using two shades of red.

Knit Scape!

Mountains of Red and Valleys of Black!

Friday is closing in on us and I could not be happier! Hubby is coming home this weekend! This long-distance marriage is getting old. My fingers are crossed that soon something will open up closer to home, in the meantime we are doing the best we can, thank goodness for instant messaging and cell phones...I don't feel so isolated from him with these modern day conveniences!

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Just be happy! said...

I'm looking forward to the weekend as well, having my hubby home allows me to sleep, it's wonderful!
your scarf is beautiful, as always!