Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I love it when I rediscover stuff! And I have so much STUFF that I have hung onto over the years that I just can't part with. So, the other day I was digging through some of my bead stuff, and came across these little treasures. I just have to share!

These were made by my Grandma Alice, I believe probably in the early 70s. They were mixed in with a bag of costume jewelry which my dad asked me if I wanted. OF COURSE! What a silly question.

Both of my Grandmothers were very skilled with a crochet hook. And you hear me talk about both of them alot. I think it's because I still feel their connection, like they are watching over me! And I have many of their possessions, which I think still have their vibes in them!

These are too cool...and although they were made years ago, and probably considered "vintage"...they are totally wearable today. I've been studying them and I don't think they would be to hard to make...maybe time consuming and a bit tedius.

I love this one! It's super long, and you can wear it like a choker/lariat! Her beading is absolutely perfect. I can remember her wearing this!

Isn't it cool?!

This one is very nice too! My Grandmothers favorite color was lavender, so I am thinking this was probably her favorite. And she wore it all the time. She would wear it as a long necklace, not like a choker. But I think it looks fabulous worn this way.

I have about three of her rings that she made. I believe this one is crocheted. The silver cording is stretched out so it falls of my finger. But this is so bright and sparkly. Love it!
Maybe I can get some pictures of my Grandmothers and post them. And I have one of my Grandma's sewing box with all her sewing stuff in tact, just like she could pick it up and use it at any time. I'll have get some pictures of it and share that, too!


Deborah said...

My mother used to make the rings and necklaces. I still wear her necklaces and have some of the rings. I can't figure out how she did them.

CT said...

My aunts used to make their own jewlery, and they also wore wigs all the time! the first I think awesome, but the second is more on the lines of WTF??? we have very very warm climate 10 out of 12 months! I have none of their stuff, and I'm so glad you got to keep your grandmother's sewing stuff and jewlery!