Sunday, February 8, 2009

Finally...I am happy with my grannies!

Well, I think I finally got my mojo going on this crocheted skirt and have come up with a color pallet that I actually took a little time to get it going. So, now I am sitting back and cranking out squares. What a great way to pass the time...especially on these weekends when my husband is out of town!

As I work on this, I am almost tempted to make double squares for a skirt for myself...but I think I would like mine longer so I could wear it with boots and dark tights. We'll see. Sometimes I get these grand ideas and just don't have time to carry them out.

Yes, I am really liking these colors. I am using a smaller stitch rather than the classic double crochet granny. Instead I am doing a half-double crochet stitch. It's a pretty little square.

Today was an absolutely beautiful day! The weather was warm, it was hard to believe it is February! I actually opened up some windows in the house!

As some of you may know, I have a secret addiction to paper and making cards. My sister gave me and my sister-in-law a Cricut machine for Christmas! What a generous gift! It was a special thank you for us helping out with the baby and the kids when she had her heart attack this past fall. I am happy to say she is doing very well now! Okay...I am getting off the subject! Today I packed up my paper supplies and put them in the car along with Phoebe and headed to my brother's for a day of paper madness!

My niece Devin with Phoebe in her lap.

Now, just look what we came up with! Rhonda, my sister-in-law, wanted to come up with some little valentine gifts she could take to work. Aren't these adorable! We did it all with the Cricut. We got six of them completely done while we cut up and giggled. Phoebe also had a blast playing with the kids. She hasn't moved since I brought her home...I actually think they wore her out!

Here's hoping for a good upcoming week! Hopefully Brad will get to come home this weekend, I am crossing my fingers!


Just be happy! said...

You are a very talented person, the end result of your paper craft work is beautiful!!!

Speaking of grannies, I think you made a fabulous choice, the skirt will be fantastic!

I even want one for myself! Well, not while I'm pregnant... lol

How old is Phoebe??

debblou said...

Oh, I love the shrug and the poncho, too!! But the little valentine bags for goodies... just adorable. Would love to receive one of these from a sweetheart filled with good wishes. They are awesome. I am going to show my daughter who is a scrapper; but, has been holding off buying a cricut. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Zu said...

I love the colors you chose for the granny squares. Very pretty! :-)

~ Dawn Sparks ~ said...

Thank you Zu! I labored over it before finding the colors.

debblou...I highly recommend the is so worth the money!