Monday, February 2, 2009

Friday Night Scarf

Named so, because I crocheted this up Friday evening while waiting on Brad's plane to come in! This is some yummy yarn my girlfriend brought back from China! It has great color along with a little glitzy thread through it. I used a half-double crochet, followed by a row of double crochet. And yes, as always, I made it super long! I don't know how long I'll be on that kick!

Friday Night Scarf

I have more of this yarn in shades of golds and think that may be something I can do this week in the evenings when nothing else really appeals to me!

New Project: Crocheted Skirt
I have had a request to make a crocheted skirt, in pinks and blacks. Here is my yarn selection, some gorgeous Lion Brand Wool!
Girlie Grannies

I am experimenting with different squares. I can't quite decide what I like. Here is a sampling below. I did a few more samples last night, and will post those as soon as I can! This is my creative process...I work up some squares and put them together until I find what really strikes me. I'm actually wondering if I should throw another color into the mix! Any comments on this would be truly appreciated!!!

Girlie Grannies

Of course, I love the black against this pink! It gives it that pop!

Brad came home for the weekend, which was so nice! The house has seemed so quiet while he's been gone. I was curious of how Phoebe would do when she saw him. She lost it! Started whining for him to pick her up! It was so sweet.

I cannot leave before posting a cute little picture of her I snapped last week!
God I'm Cute!
Now how adorable is she I ask you!!


Just be happy! said...

She is super adorable, I would have to hug her if she was close to me!

My input on the squares... I like the one with the 3 colors on the last picture. Black border/Variagated/Pink in the center.
But, again, I always love whatever you come up with.... hehehe

Have a wonderful week!

Marci said...

I have this great idea. You should send me a scarf. And make it smell like the J family please. I'm missing everyone TERRIBLY.

Miss you!

ballofyarn said...

Wow so much fun! i love the colors! I have been working those great squares the past few months maing baby blankets. I'm actually going to post a couple on etsy here soon! Arent they the greatest squares EVER?!?!? Keep up the great work!!