Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hollywood Scarf

As I was laying in bed the other evening, trying my best to go to sleep, an idea for a scarf popped into my head. Some people hate it when that happens. I on the other hand come up with many ideas this way, and I hope to God I will still remember it when I wake up! Well, I did!

I call this my "Hollywood Scarf" because of all the bling-bling it has. I used about 7 different yarns in it, and the fringe is all in ribbon yarns! I had to put down my crochet project to get this thing cranked out. I have a hard time focusing on one thing when I have these ideas in my head. It was a nice little distraction from my skirt project...but trust me when I say I am working on granny squares again every evening when I get home from work!

I hope you can get an idea from this picture of all the yarns.

It is longer than I had planned...but that's okay!

Now how bling is this fringe!

I have a lot of yarn left over, so I am already contemplating my next scarf. I am thinking it won't be as long, the tassels will be longer, and I will use a stockinette stitch in portion of it. This one may make it into my etsy shop.

For now, I'm returning to my granny square skirt project...hope to get it close to being finished very to come!


Just be happy! said...


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Love it! Was that all stash yarn, or did you pick it all out just for this scarf? I love the variety of colors and textures. Very nice!


~ Dawn Sparks ~ said...

Y'all are so sweet!! And Mary...yes it is stash yarn, except for the ribbon fringe, I splurged and made a trip to the yarn shop, now I have a good stash of that! :-)

My Best Friend Calls Me Martha said...

I found your blog about an hour ago (from the grannysquare flikr group) and am totally loving it! Your color choices are fantastic... I'm loving that I've found someone who's even less afraid of it than me!

CT said...

WOW!It is wonderful! I love all the yarn!!!!!

~ Dawn Sparks ~ said...

Thanks guys! And are right...I am not afraid of color...the brigher the better!