Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Granny Square Scarf Progress

Just a little peek at my progress. Funny how this always seems to happen. I have all these leftovers from my Babette Blanket...so I say to myself, "hey, I should make a scarf from my extra yarn"! It makes perfect sense, right?! So what happens, well I run out of the navy blue. Go figure! And it definitely is not long enough.

So I put in a new order yesterday to Knit Picks. I do love this Pallette wool. The colors are so vibrant! Well, I am happy to say I ordered more navy blue and about five balls of other colors! LOL! You know, I couldn't order just one ball of yarn...that's insane!

Kar, if you are reading this your package is on it's way! I am enjoying this swap thing. This is my first one. We are swapping two skeins of yarn and some chocolate...it's too much fun!

Everyone have a good day!


Kar said...

I can't wait Dawn! I'll let you know the minute I get it! I'm so excited!

I love Knitpicks yarn too! The colors are so wonderful and you can't beat the prices.

Have fun!

Just be happy! said...

Dawn, the scarf is going to be fabulous, I can tell!

Thank you for being part of the swap and I want you to kno that if you ever decide to organize one, you can count me in!

Oh, also, I visited your etsy and it says to visit your sister's shop, but the address is missing the word etsy, so when I copied and pasted the link it didn't take anywhere.

~ Dawn Sparks ~ said...

Thanks Alessandra...I fixed it! You are the first to point that out to me. I do appreciate it!

Kar, I can't wait for you to get it. I sent it priority mail, so it shouldn't be long!