Wednesday, July 29, 2009


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As I am waiting on an order of yarn to arrive at my doorstep and I am at a standstill in working on my scarf, I thought I would resurrect an old favorite. This is a little ponchette which I knit up in a variety of yarns. It is mostly garter stitch with a row of drop stitches intermingled every few rows. The color combination is random. My method is purely impromptu by selecting colors and I knit! This is my favorite way to knit ~ no pattern ~ just go with it. And look at the result!

There has been a little inkling in the back of my mind - giving me the urge to pick up my knitting needles! My yarn stash is in such disarray right now and needs to be put back into order. When I begin to sort it out and get it organized I start putting color combinations together...resulting in something like this little ponchette!

This yarn thing is such a sweet addiction! :-)


Just be happy! said...

I'm a big fan of your work, you choose such beautiful color combinations. I just lovr iy!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Another fan popping in to say yet again...great job! I love that you just go for it without pattern or plan. Your color combinations are so fresh and fun.


Zu said...

That ponchette is really cute! It looks like the colors were planned out. :-) You have a great eye for color.

MichelleB said...

I love, LOVE the ponchette. Do you have a pattern for it? It is wonderful.

~ Dawn Sparks ~ said...

Thanks Michelle. I don't have a pattern for it. It is just a long rectangle. I knit it up in a garter stitch and would change colors about every two or three rows.

tamdoll said...

That is so nice! I love "winging it" with a design, but rarely am brave enough do it with something wearable.
You sort by color? I did that too, but now I think I have to re-sort by weight, I'm having trouble coming up with project ideas this way.
Can't wait to see what you make next!