Thursday, July 30, 2009

Yarn Swap = Too Much Fun

Yarn Swap!
Originally uploaded by Buckster's Pics

Looky what was on my doorstep when I got home from work this evening! My swap partner, Gloriana, sent me this box full of goodies, yarn & chocolate! She also tucked in a couple of other pretties as well! Thanks so much Gloriana! I love it...That red yarn is totally yummy! And I do so love red! And thank you Alessandra for organizing our swap!

This was my first swap to participate in, and it has been so much fun. I so enjoyed shopping for my swap partner and putting her package together, and cannot wait to hear how she likes it!

Everyone have a great day!


Gloria said...

Hi Dawn:

Thank U 4 letting me know u got ur package. I am so glad u love the red. I went into my local yarn store and that just grabbed my eye, it is a great red.

This was also my 1st swap and I 2 enjoyed it and hope to do another in the near future.

Love your creations!

Just be happy! said...

it is a pleasure orgabizing it Dwan!
I know that some of the participants are planning on hosting a swap of their own, and I'm looking forward to joining each one of them!

CT said...

Hey! cool beans!!!! you got an awesome assortment of stuff!