Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lost & Found

Greetings to all my blog buddies! Things are good here. This past weekend while organizing my yarn stash, I realized how much yarn I had left over from my Babette blanket and decided it needs to be put to use. And upon further inspection, lying in the bottom of the basket buried under balls of wool I found a little trio of four rounders that had been forgotten and did not make it into my blanket. OH THE INHUMANITY! They are much too pretty to stay there, so I posed them with the beginings of a new granny square scarf, which I will definitely felt, and a little patch of crocheted octagons.

These colors rock!!

I crocheted the octagons out of simple curiosityof what they would look like done up in this yarn. And boy are they small! I should have laid something familiar in there to give you an idea of the size. For now, they will remain as is while I finish up my latest scarf...but they will definitely not be forgotten. I will add to them!

I also found this poor little lone granny square amidst the pile of yarn. It's very pretty. I am not sure if I am the only one that does this, but many times I just play with different yarns and work up odd grannies just to see if I like them. I have a drawer full of these! Actually, that would make a great blog posting...odd squares! (I can hear the wheels in my brain turning as I type!)

Also, mixed in with all that brightly colored wool I came across this yarn and six completed squares. I immediately seamed them together. I love em! There is enough yarn there to complete something, whether it be a scarf or a pillow!

These soft muted browns look so pretty in my favorite yarn basket (woven by yours truly years ago)! Yes, I used to make baskets regularly. But after hand surgery it was a bit hard on my hand so I had stopped. I once again have that desire to pull out the basket weaving materials and start on something. Basket making is so rewarding. I suppose it is because your finished product is so useful and practical, yet it is like a little piece of art! Much like crochet is to me. :-)

I have to sign off with a picture of Phoebie and her owl toy, affectionally named "Hootie"...because he makes this strange noise that is supposed to resemble an owl hooting. LOL...it does not. But she loves it. "Where's Hootie?" That's all I have to say and this is what follows. Sometimes I cannot stand all that cuteness!!


Just be happy! said...

Isn't it fun to find things like that?
I found a bag of scraps last week, I think I'm going to crochet a vase cozy and some scarves with it.

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Isn't it so much fun to discover things you forgot you had? I'll be interested to see what you make with your little octagon block. Those colors are just beautiful!


Kar said...

What wonderful little finds! I just love all the color possibilities that you share. I find a lot of inspiration in all the color combinations that you use. Just lovely! Love the grannies with the all the brown shades!


CT said...

Oh how nice! I think those stayed behind for a reason... they want to be stars in another of your great projects! I love the basket, I haven't woven one since I was a teenager but it certainly is so fulfilling!

Zu said...

You made that basket?! Great job! I always wanted to learn basket weaving. I've always loved baskets and how charming they look. :-)

~ Dawn Sparks ~ said...

Thanks everyone. Yes, I love weaving baskets. But it is hard on the hands. My hands will ache a couple days after making one. I will have to post some of my favorites...pose them with some crochet!