Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Grandmas Could Crochet

This morning I was clicking through my flickr account, and began to think to myself that I am a bit odd. Most of my pictures are of "things". Sure I have a few family pictures intermingled in there, but it is mostly of my crochet and knitting projects. I think it is because they make me happy, I have always preferred a good illustrated book over "just words"!

As I was looking over picture after picture, I stopped on this one. It is a granny square afghan made my Grandma Alice. It s color and boldness grabbed me. I am certain it was made with odds and ends of yarn. In fact, I used to send my Grandma packages of leftover yarn. She put it to good use here!
My Grandma Alice as a dynamo with a crochet hook! I would bet she could crochet with her eyes shut. I never observed her knitting, and don't think she could.

This is a little granny square throw she made when she was near the end of her life, started after she had gotten out of the hospital and was staying with my parents because she was too weak and feeble to stay by herself. On close look many of her squares are upside down. I did have to go in and repair a couple that were coming undone, and resew a couple together. But even through all of that, her work was beautiful. When my mom told me she had this blanket stored away in a closet I jumped out of my shoes! It found its way home with me that evening.

As well, she loved making these ripple afghans. Each one she made was full of color. Her yarn was plain ole' Red Heart, which is what you could get at Woolworths. Her stitches are amazing. Each one identical. I truly appreciate the beauty in this. I have both of these blankets in my possession, and they remain out where I can see them every day and not hidden away in a closet.

My other Grandma, we called Grandma Esther, too had a talent with the yarn and hook. She loved to make doilies and table runners. The backdrop for this potholder is one of hers. She made it specifically for me, which makes it even more special. It was this doily that sparked my interest in crocheting with cotton thread and filet crochet. Maybe one day soon I will do a posting of some of the things I have made.
Grandma Esther was either sewing or crocheting. She was an excellent seamstress and worked as one for much of her life. She lived to be 94 years old, and was a pistol up until her 94th year. We often talk about her when our family is together.

Below is an afghan I have in my possession which she made. Her eye for color was dead on! She was not afraid to combine colors, and it always looked great. I like to think I inherited my eye for color from her!

I love this afghan. And I particularly love the fringes!
Her stitches are also perfect, and her design is so pretty.
I hope you have enjoyed this posting. I just feel that these things need to be shared with others who could appreciate them as much as I do!


Just be happy! said...

now I know where your talent comes from.
Both of your grandma's work are beautiful!
thank you for sharing.

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Well, Dawn, you know the old saying...the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! I think your grandmothers and mine could have been great stitching buddies! I have afghans that look just like those made by your grandmothers, the granny squares trimmed in black and the ripple designs in all different colors. Those ladies sure knew how to make good use of their time and their leftovers!


Kar said...

Lovely work from your grandmothers. And you are so very lucky to have something that was made by the both of them.

gwengoods said...

Beautiful afghans, and wonderful story. I learned from my grandma too, and she doesn't do much anymore but she made some lovely afghans too.

CT said...

Dawn, thanks for sharing with us!!! and yes, I think too you got her great color sense! you come from a very talented line of women!