Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Granny Square Scarf - Pre Felted!

Just a quick little post to show my scarf to all my bloggy friends. I do believe this one is a keeper and will go in my scarf repertoire for use when the weather starts to get cooler. I have a little bit of edging to do around the entire scarf and then it is headed to the washer to get felted!! I am pretty sure I can get this done this evening with a preview of the finished scarf tomorrow, along with a couple other goodies!!!

So now, it's back to the crochet hook!!


Just be happy! said...

Dawn, you are just awesome!!
Love your work!!!

~ Dawn Sparks ~ said...

:-) that is so sweet...but as a fellow crocheter, I feel your work is awesome! I am on this granny square jag right now I can't quite seem to satisfy yet!

Kar said...

Love the colors! That is going to be the perfect thing to wear this fall. Awesome! Can't wait to see it felted. :)