Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Morning Quiet Time

Welcome to my little corner of the world! When I am here I never want to leave. This is my morning place, it's all mine, I have total control as to what is playing on t.v., how many lamps are lit, the name it! This is the place where I kick back with my yarn and crochet hook or knitting needles, whichever I am using at the time, and forget about all my problems! It is most important that there be a good movie playing while I am sitting here!

As I was straightening up the living room I had this idea...yarn candles! I wouldn't light these, but they are so pretty sitting under the light, a source for more inspiration!


It has been a wonderful Saturday morning. As usual I am always up early, and once Phoebe is fed and "does her business" we settle in and watch something on t.v. and I pick up my knitting, well this morning it was knitting. My crochet hooks are not far out of reach!

Check it out!

I have really grown a fond attachment to this little scarf! It has been quick and quite rewarding! I finished it up this morning. As soon as the light is right I will shoot some pictures and share. If you would like the details you can check me out on! There I go by Buckster.

I had to make a visit to Hobby Lobby yesterday and did not leave without visiting the aisle of yarn. I picked up these! I am thinking of very earthy granny squares that have a lot of texture! I can clearly picture them in my head!

I have had to pick up my knitting needles for a bit because my elbow has ached lately from using that teeny crochet hook. I am so anxious to finish my brightly colored granny square scarf, but not quite ready for that fingering yarn and tiny hook...but I suppose some of you know how it is!

Pain sucks! :-)

I had my epidural injection in my spine on Thursday and I can say I feel great!! Just a bit tender from the needle. This time he went in two places in hopes I get longer relief. I am hoping for PERMANENT relief.

Well, Saturday morning is calling me. Time for some breakfast, and the plants on the screened in porch need some of my attention!

Happy weekend to all!


CT said...

What a nice little corner you have for your crafts! makes me wanna grab my hooks and needles and join you for a craft fest!Lately my craft place is the softest spot I find in the floor wherever my girls are playing, usually with Lil J in my lap between me and my wip! love the yarn candles!

Just be happy! said...

that is a great place you have!
the yarn candles are a great idea, and sure will inspire you to create more and more.
I love the knitted scarf, the yarn is beautiful!
have a great Saturday, Dawn!

Libby said...

I'm so glad that I stumbled upon your blog from Alessandra's. I love your current knitting project as well as all the ones I see on Flickr. I do wish you full recovery on your back and elbow. I've been resting my hand and I can't wait to go full speed again.