Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chicken Scarf??

After getting home last night from a long day, I found myself a bit out of place because I had nothing to work on. So I dug into my basket of yarn I keep next to my seat on the sofa and pulled out these four leftover skeins from my afghan and picked up an oversized crochet hook, and started playing. I don't know why I cannot just sit and watch a t.v. program! Anyway, Brad had a rerun of Seinfeld on...which was actually classic, the one with Kenny Rogers Chicken!....I picked up my hook and started a granny. So this is what it has turned into. Maybe I should name this scarf after that episode of Seinfeld...."The Chicken Scarf"? :-D

Makings of a new scarf.

The oversized crochet hook makes it feel lacy and light. I think it will make a very pretty scarf.

Today is sunny, so I was able to snap a quick picture on my lunch hour. I am anxious to get pictures up of my completed afghan!!! Hopefully Saturday will cooperate with me!

I've been working on being more disciplined in my eating habbits, which I have done pretty good this week. More fresh greens and fish, drink more water. But right now I am jonesing for a Diet much as I can't get it out of my brain. So....I am off to get a DC!

Enjoy your day!

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Mary Grace McNamara said...

Beautiful colors! That will make a lovely scarf. I also love the colors you chose for your Vanna's Choice Contest entry. Of course, how can you go wrong picking from any of her colors? I love them too!

I just finished my entry for the contest but am having trouble getting the pictures submitted using their online form.

Have you tried entering your pictures yet? Just wondering if it's just me.

Good luck to you!