Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stripe-ity Crocheted Table Runner

Here's a little sneak peek of my latest project. I have been wanting a table runner for the dining room table so I started one with my basket of yarn I keep next to my seat on the couch. It is turning out brighter than I had planned, which is not a bad thing, BUT, I don't think it will be right for my dining room table. It may find it's home in the kitchen amidst the roosters, red walls, house plants, and bright dishes. I think it has a little bit of a Mexican feel to it, kind of reminds me of a Mexican blanket or poncho. I love this stitch, and find myself using it in a lot of what I do! I think it looks "woven".

This morning I woke up at 5:00 o'clock sharp. Phoebe was ready to get up as well. After feeding her, and getting her taken care of, and settling on the couch with a quilt over me, I was half way sleepy...but halfway interested in an old black and white movie that was on television. To keep my fingers busy I cranked out a couple of drink can cozies. I like making these, they are quick and colorful! I think these will end up in the etsy shop.


Just be happy! said...

What kind of yarn are you using for the table runner?
I gotta admit, I love the colors you chose for your projects, they always go so well together.
I have been working on Spring/Summer items for my etsy shop... just trying to be prepared for when the baby comes and I don't have much time to crochet - at least that way I can keep my shop alive.

~ Dawn Sparks ~ said...

Hey Alessandra! I used just leftover acrylic yarn from my Vanna's Choice entry and threw in some Red Heart I had lurking in my yarn basket. I just pick the colors as I go.

I hope you will still get some time to crochet after the baby arrives!!!

Just be happy! said...

You are going to laugh at me now... but I put a count down meter on my blog, so everyone can see how far along I am and how many days I have left.
It's on the bottom left side of my blog.
32 weeks pregnant!!
I also hope I keep crocheting after he comes!